Oops! Justice Gives Classified Info to Terrorist

DOJ accidentally gave Moussaoui classified documents. However,

This is just too stupid for words.

Well, with all the classified documents floating around out there, a few were bound to land in the hands of a terrorist sooner or later.

Let’s just hope that they were the blueprints to the toilet in Air Force One and not something important!

I can see the plot: Now that he knows this we just have to kill him. _

I disagree that a any classified material is “bound to land in the hands” of anyone not authorized to receive it. Yes, it does happen; however, that’s merely because of incredibly FREAKING STUPID AND LAZY people who are supposed to be controlling that stuff.

Not that it matters all that much to the Department of Justice, but I will have approximately zero respect for that arm of the government unless and until the moron in question gets chucked in jail for dereliction and whatever other crime this particular stupid stunt can be considered.

It is quite possible that they intentionally gave him false documents hoping he would attempt to communicate with co-conspirators. Perhaps they could discover some means he has of communicating with his bad-guy network this way. Alternately they might want the bad guys to believe something that is false. This sort of thing is done all the time.
They may have decided to reveal the information to the public in order to make it appear more authentic.
We’ll never know.
One bluffs in poker, and in the cloak and dagger business as well.
Don’t interpret this sort of thing too literally.
Spooks commonly use the technique known as disinformation.

Are you kidding? That would be a catastrophic breach of security! They could monitor the President’s every movement.