Oops Sorry Grandma

I just posted a rather sad thread explaining the current state of my mother’s health. To balance out the karma, here’s a funny short post.

The siblings all hung out tonight to give support and do some in-family therapy utilizing alcohol and funny stories. While not drunk, I drank enough to need to take a world class piss. So when I got home, dad, grandmom and my aunt were all fast asleep. I go into the bathroom and in my rush, did not fully close the door.

I’m in the middle of an amazing piss. I’ve got my head rolled back and I’m just luxuriating in the feeling of not having to hold it any longer. And I hear a cough creeeeeak as I turn to look and see my grandmother unwittingly opening the bathroom door.

“Oops sorry Grandma!” I’m in the middle of the pee so I can’t exactly zip up so I try to turn away at least some. She jumps in startled surprise and quickly returns the “Oops! Sorry!” and hobbles off to the porch for a smoke rather than her own urinal visit.

Let me tell you guys, there’s nothing worse than an interrupted world class piss… by your grandmother.

– IG

Ahh how embarrassing. However I don’t think there’s any great time to interrupt someone on the toilet. :stuck_out_tongue: