Oops! Walmart learns they need to pay more attention to their third-party vendor offerings.

“Christmas” sweater has Santa doing coke

That totally fucking rocks!

Came in to work today, and saw they have holiday decorations up.

One of them is a poster on one of the doors, that shows Santa reviewing his “naughty” list while taking a shit.

That is really an ugly sweater, and those 3 lines make no sense unless Santa is a coke head.

How do you think he stays awake being chased by the Sun for 24 hours straight? Or how he gets so many ho’s?

He probably just forgot that he’d finally thrown out that Bloom County omnibus because it had gotten too icky and he left his phone in the kitchen. Hey, beats reading the description on the back of the shampoo bottle.

Listings have been taken down:

From the product description:


More disturbing is that it says “le tits now” under the picture.

Whoever makes that sweater just sold a ton of them.

No, that’s the crack hoodie, aisle two.

Eh, Santa Claus has been doing Coke ads since the 1930s…

Haw! I just saw that SNL Celebrity Jeopardy on YouTube just the other day. :smiley:

The Pause of Mr Claus

Trey Parker and Matt Stone must have seen the Santa Coke sweater. This was on tonight’s episode of South Park.

Example https://i.redd.it/1dd95eupj4441.jpg