OpalCat's Low Budget World Tour!

(I’ve been thinking of this for some time, and the success of the Bitch bear and other such things has convinced me to get off my duff and do it)

I’m going to take a world tour! I can’t afford to get plane tickets to everywhere, so I’m going to travel by mail. To save on postage, I’m going to send a laminated paper replica of myself rather than my actual body. I figure I should be able to travel quite extensively on a fairly tight budget this way.

So what I need are host families… people willing to let “me” stay with them, perhaps take me out and show me the sites, and then send me along to my next destination. I’ll be including a notebook for journal entries… and if people could take pictures while I’m visiting them I’ll post them on a World Tour website. I’m looking forward to seeing the world!

So if you’d be interested in hosting me, please send me email with the subject “World Tour” so my email filter can catch it properly.

I hope to get the tour underway during March.


I’d be happy to host you on your tour. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY. Depending on the time of year you make it here, I could take you to the horse races (July-August). How about canoeing? I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Anyway, if you’re interested, drop me a line. My email is in my profile.

Cool! So, if I understand this correctly, you would like our snail mail address in said e-mail.

We’d love to host your replica. How long would you like to stay with us before we send you on to someone else? I’ll e-mail our address soon.

----:)/ x o x o x

P.S. Hi Opal!

You don’t need to send your address yet, but of course you can. I’ll be mailing everyone with more details later…

Please be sure to use “World Tour” as the email subject… I get several hundred emails per day, and my email is set to automatically sort “World Tour” into its own folder.

Thanks to those who have emailed me… anyone else who is interested is definitely encouragd to email me! (opalcat@fathom.org or opalcat@opalcat.com)
The head, hands, and feet will be laminated printouts of photos of my head, hands, and feet. Body and limbs will be made of plastic or wooden doweling and hinged in some fashion. I’m thinking clothespins. Anyway the result will be something like a stick figure with photo-realistic head, hands, and feet. It will pack up nice and small and will hold it’s shape for photo ops

Send your reasonable facsimile to Washington, please. Sending details now.


Did you get my e-mail?

I am sorry, I have to sit here and giggle at Opal. I am tired, gonna be driving for a couple of hours, I have a few days of virtual seclusion and only if I had her likeness to sit by me while I work through the job at hand. I could take pictures of her watching me work on a site, not that is an unusual thing for her but to be in a mountain resort where you HAVE to work and not play, that might be unusual.

Shoot, I would ask someone to take a picture of me and Opal’s likeness getting ready to drive to Breckenridge. I also would put her on the ski slope, just outside the cabin I will be in, and strap some skis to her, but she can’t go down the slope…I would put her in the middle of the run outside the cabin and force the skis to stay.

LOL Opal, I hope I can get a hold of “you” soon so I can take you skiing or snowboarding.


I am giggling furiously.

< I think I need to get out of town, get some sleep and work like a mad woman. Oh wait I am a mad woman. >

Did you get my e-mails?

The local school newsletter talks about a second-grade class that is also sending their images on world tours. They got the idea from a child’s book called Flat Stanley. In the book, by Jeff Brown, Stanley Lambchop is squashed flat but unharmed otherwise. Flat Stanley visits friends by traveling in an envelope. It sounds like they are having lots of fun with it, and I think we all will also. We can hardly wait to have you visit.

Will we need to stock lots of wafers for you to eat?

Now, Opal, if you’re going to do a World Tour you need to start in the capital of the world, my home, NYC. I’d be most honored to host (he says, humbly), and am forwarding my info. to you.

Opal, I would love to be a host on your world tour. :slight_smile: I live in Scotland and I’m sure I could get some good photos for you. I’ll email you my details.

Hi everyone! Thanks for emailing me! I’m collecting all your names and email addresses and I’ll be sending you mail in the next week or so. (New stops on the tour are welcome and will be added even to the very end of the tour itself)

Opal, when you send your icon to Cajun Man in New York, he said he’d pass it around to the bunch of us NYC dopers, most likely at the NYC Thursday Dinner Series.

xtnjohnson, fellow New York Doper, why don’t you come out to one of our New York dinners (link above). You can e-mail me with questions. We’ll be posting next week’s location soon. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

I am only a novice doper, but would be most honoured to host your Graven Image in Portmouth, England. I live on the south coast, just opposite the little islandy bit. Famous landmarks include: HMS Victory;Southsea Castle(the very first castle to fall to the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War) and the Tricorn multi-storey carpark, nominated as the ugliest structure in Britain.

You can add Houston, Texas to your list as well. We have the Astrodome, and… and… and… Rob’s work! Woo!

Well, just make me feel like a damn fool, why don’t you :p!

And silly me for assuming Cajun Man was in Louisiana, not a refugee from it!

I prefer the term transplanted coon-ass! :wink:

(Pssst . . . Opal! I forgot to tell ya . . . click on that rainbow smiley in my e-mail . . . it’s a link.) :slight_smile: