Open Letter to Residents/ Visitors to Rogers Park, Chicago

To all those living in and visiting the Rogers Park neigborhood of Chicago:

Could you please make an effort to not leave your damn chicken bones all over the place where my dog can find and start munching them during his morning walk? You know, most places you get chicken serve it to you in a box. That box not only holds the chicken, it can be used to hold the bones when you’re finished eating. Clearly, since I don’t often see the box around, you’ve grasped the concept that the box can be thrown out. (Or maybe you collect them as souveniers. Who knows?) But you may not know that the bones can be put in the box, too, and the whole thing thrown out together.

I mean, it’s bad enough trying to walk the dog when half the sidewalk is still covered in ice, but add to that trying to pull him back when he spies a chicken bone, or smells it under three inches of snow and ice, and, well, mornings aren’t all that much fun.

I agree.

Walking a dog in Chicago (I live in Ravenswood) is like running a fucking gauntlet. I know that my dog COULD possibly be better trained, but when you leave your bones and corn cobs and a fucking full burrito dinner laying in the middle of the sidewalk, it just makes it that much fucking harder for my dog to ‘heel’ since she is a fat son of a bitch, and like any of us, would like to have a free burrito once in a while.

Littering is fucking gross. I pick up my friggin’ dog’s SHIT so you don’t have to see it. At least throw your half eaten food in the trash.

Uh, wouldn’t she be a daughter of a bitch? Or more concisely, a bitch?

City dwellers, flee the concrete canyons and join us and our dogs in edenic suburbia where every lawn is chemically treated and there is nary a chicken bone or burrito (or decent ethnic restaurant for that matter) to be found.

I have to admit, living in Rogers Park, I’ve rarely seen chicken bones on the ground. Maybe it’s just the part of the neighborhood I live in. I have seen the burritos and corn cobs, and the occasional hot dog. Strange since there are trash cans and dumpsters everywhere.

Preach it! I just moved out of W. Rogers Park after a pair of guys pulled a gun on me in my back stairwell as I attempted to go home one night, any other night I would have had my kids with me:eek::eek:

Chicken bones I’ve seen, Beer cans, tinfoil bongs, used crack pipes ( I assume), and razor blades on the front lawn; two attempted muggings, both front fenders dented, rear taillight broken by asshole who was offended I asked him to stop hitting my car with his dogs’ leash while stainding IN THE STREET talking to his fence, fraudulent tickets galore (i.e. “abandoned auto” written between coming home at 6 and leaving at 8 to go out for dinner- why no Mr Daley, I DIDN’T need that $100!)

The guy who burned down the building on Ridge set my laundry room on fire two weeks earlier, speaking of laundry, I have had more than $800 dollars worth of laundry stolen (It’s amazing how quickly four loads of dress pants and shirts adds up), Oh don’t forget the guy I found getting a blowjob in the alley, how do you explain that to a 5 year old?:confused: ??
FUCK ROGERS PARK, the only time I go back is for El Famous’ salsa and Supermercado Morelia.
The amazing thing is, I’m less than a mile from my former place (Ridge and Main in Evanston) yet is a completely different world. Clean, safe, more expensive to be sure, but hey! 41 days and counting since the last time I’ve had a gun pointed in my face:)