City dwellers who don't pick up after their dogs

I live very near and go to school in downtown Milwaukee (East Siiiide, MSOE). This time every year, during my walk to class each day, I’m reminded at all the dogs in the neighborhood. The reason for this is that the previous 4-5 months of the mutts’ frozen poo is beginning to thaw and show itself as the crusty snow recedes back into the earth. All over the parkways and lawns, little suprise packages bring rage to myself and, I’m sure, many, many others.

Of course, its not just the sight of the brown that’s gross; the stench is horrible, too. Today, I passed a small, smelly section of yard, perhaps about 3 feet square, that must have had 20 piles from apparently the same, er, apparently large animal. Unless the person who lives there cleans this up, there’s No Way any grass is going to grow there this year.

Its bad enough that you people have a mammoth dog in the city. The least you can do is carry a baggie or scooper device (as required by law). Especially in a town like Milwaukee where the various bad smells (breweries, the river, Lake Mich alewives, the paper plant, that weird rotting smell, etc) are aready all too common.

Drives me absolutely INSANE!! As a responsible dog owner, one who faithfully “scoops the poop”, I am just livid at these stupid irresponsible pigs.

See, where the doggies go, is where we generally need to take our dogs to go too, or would if it weren’t a disgusting minefield of poo. So we have to go even further afield and carry our little poo packages even further to get to the poo buckets.


I have a next door neighbor who owns a very small dog. She doesn’t scoop her dog’s poop because “it’s so small.” :rolleyes: Shit is shit, no matter what the amount.

Cripes, I live in Texas and never thought about a whole winter of frozen doggy doo. Yuk.

This drives me nuts: Every night, the people walk their dogs on the sidewalk by the elementary school and park, and every morning we have to tip-toe our way down the sidewalk to avoid all the doggie landmines. It is disgusting. Could you please pick that junk up, or curb your dog, or at least get them to poop in the grass? This school holds 600 kids- sometimes that poo is smeared over a two block radius. Gawd.

I agree that people should always scoop or bag after their dogs in a public place. And I do clean up after my dog in my yard. However, I don’t generally do it during the snow-filled winter. Why? Well, he only ever goes in the backyard, which is a) large enough that the density of the poop distribution (nice phrase, huh?) is pretty small, and as such, doesn’t smell bad if you’re not right next to it; and b) my backyard, where no one would be near it (just walking by, say). Plus, most times that I let him out, I’ve either just gotten up in the morning (and am therefore, um, underdressed), or it’s nighttime, which, until DST begins, is dark early. So it’s difficult to pick up during the winter.

That said, as soon as all the snow melts (which it just about has), I’ve got a fairly disgusting job on my hands (so to speak). I do it, not exactly willingly (I mean, ewwww), but I accept that this is the price of having a dog. Maybe I’ll call one of those services that’ll do it for you (how’d you like that job?) this year.

Agh! I fucking hate this too!

I live in an apartment complex in a (smallish) city. We’re allowed to have pets here. Pretty much everyone takes their dogs outside to let them shit.

They shit mostly on the grass, very rarely in the actual parking lot, but I often walk through the grass to get to my mailbox…and one day this past fall, I was wearing sandals, stepped in dog shit, didn’t realize it, and tracked it through the den.

We scrubbed and scrubbed those stains, but our carpet is permanently streaked there. We put the coffeetable over it to cover it, but I know they’ll charge us an arm and a leg when we move out for “carpet cleaning.”

It really pisses me off. There is a rule stating you have to clean up after your dogs, but no one follows it. At night, it’s hard to see–so you run the risk of getting dogshit on your shoes. GAH.

Well, I live in the sticks but have a similar problem. Sometimes people ride horses down the road to my house, even through my yard. Next time I see a big pile of shit, and it will happen, I’m gonna get a BB gun and start sniping!!!

The dogowners at my apartments piss me off for similar reasons. Besides not cleaning up after their dogs that shit in the grass by the curb (meaning it’s very easy to accidentally step in it, especially at night, if you’re getting out of a car parked on the street), they let the little fuckers piss all over the nice landscaping plants we have around our buildings and in the flowerbeds… all this despite a policy that you’re not supposed to walk dogs on the apartment property. Feh.

Breweries don’t stink. Malt, hops, hot liquor, wort, beer, even the yeast sludge smell yummy.

Parks in suburbia are just as bad. One area at which I used to cross country ski had a longish path to get to the park itself. During the winter, that whole path was just littered with dog crap. Utterly disgusting.

My neighbors have a little dog, and I always thought they were responsible dog owners, albeit unfriendly people. Until I took my toddler outside to play in the shared backyard last week. I didn’t care about him stomping around in the mud, until I got him back inside and discovered that it wasn’t mud, it was dog poo. :mad:

My apartment is at the front of the building, the parking is on the back. To get there, I walk out my door and down a little alley and past the porches of the apartments at the back of the building. I’m not the only person who uses this route - there’s at least one other apartment whose only direct access to the parking area is down this little alley. (Common arrangement in Chicago)

One set of owners in the back apartments apparently acquired a dog during the holidays and promptly started using the alleyway as a shit/piss area. After a few rounds of calling the landlord, as well as scooping up the shit and placing it back in front of their back door, I’ve broken them of the habit of not curbing their dog.

However, I’m still treated to lovely yellow puddles up n’ down the same area. Sigh is it really too much trouble to walk back into the alley and let yer dog go? I mean, I know the poor thing’s gotta take a leak, but letting it piss on what amounts to your back porch is pretty nasty, particularly since that area is a shared space. I’m really worried that come summer the place is gonna start stinking to high hell. . .