Opening a .pps extention

A friend of mine sent me and e-mail with a .pps attachment. Upon saving it to my HD, I clicked on it, and it opened up MS Media Player, but the MP wouldn’t play it.

I did a bit of research, and found it was a PowerPoint file. Since I don’t have PP on my computer, I e-mailed her and asked her what she opened it with. She didn’t have PP either, but it opened fine on her machine.

I guess my question is… Is there any other (free) programs that DO open this type of file?

The most rewarding part was when I got my money!
-Dr. Nick Riviera

Ask your friend what program was launched when she “opened” the file. If she double-clicked on it in Windows Explorer, and it “opened”, then some program must have started up which loaded in the file.


hope this works…

Powerpoint viewer availible from MS for free.

System & OS requirements are listed at the bottom of the page.

Deathawk, thank you! Sounds like what I’m looking for. I checked the MS site, but I never came across this… just downloading it as I type this message… :slight_smile:

The most rewarding part was when I got my money!
-Dr. Nick Riviera

There’s also a free office suite from Sun called StarOffice (I think), that can open .pps files.

Thought Star Office was for the Linux OS…
yah never know I guess…

Squee (and anyone else interested) - Whenever you are looking for just about anything relating to products in the MS office Suite, it’s usually best to directly to the office update site ( ) They keep almost all of the Office information, add-ins, viewers, service packs, support etc. at that site.