PowerPoint question

In it’s wisdom, my office gave me the job of preparing a PowerPoint presentation even though I have no experience whatsoever with this application.

Dutifully I slogged through the various online tutorials and managed to pull together a decent slide show. Now I would like to save it in a manner that would allow the client to open it as an attachment (email) and have the slide show just start and run. To date, though, I haven’t seen any instructions on how to do this.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Save it as a power point show. It’s one of the options on the type of file drop down menu.

I don’t know as an attachment, but do you know about the .pps extension? If you save the file as .pps, double clicking on it will open it in slide show mode. You can even rename the file this way.
We use it all the time in setting up presentations for conferences.

Thanks, I will try these options.

Got it! Thanks again.