URGENT: Need help with PowerPoint

My boss has a PowerPoint show (.pps) that he wants to insert within a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt). This is easy enough. But he wants the .pps file to ALWAYS display in slide show mode, whether its container is in slide show mode or in edit mode. Is there a way to do this, and if so, how? I’m thinking a macro, but I don’t have enough experience with PowerPoint to be sure of that, and I have NO experience with VB.



He wants to open a PPT file in Edit mode, and when he scrolls to the inserted slides from the PPS file he wants those slides to automatically open in Slide Show?

PPT is a multipleuse server, so he can run the PPS in Slide Show and then ALT+Tab over to edit mode and view the other slides in edit mode while another window runs the Slide Show.

If that’s not what he wants I suppose I can write you a VB macro that identifies the inserted slides that he wants to automatically see in Slide Show and launch Slide Show automatically when he scrolls to those slides - let me know.

[sub]*I am a PowerPoint developer[/sub]

Almost. He’s giving a presentation to some bigwigs. The presentation may or may not be seen in edit mode or slide show mode; in any case, the actual computer file will be left with them. He does NOT want them to be able to see the .pps as anything other than a .pps, no matter how they open the presentation.

Ah, no problem. He can save it as a PPS with encrypted Open only Password protection. Go to Tools | Options | Security, and set an “Open only” password and a “Modify” password for him. Give the bigwigs the Open password and have him retain the Modify password for himself.

Works for me. I have a feeling he’d rather they only had to double-click on the icon to launch the show, but since he’s leaving today and is taking this with him, he’ll have to deal.

Thank you very much.