How to deliver narrated slide show on someone else's PC

How can I give someone else a file or files so that they can watch a narrated slide show on their own PC?

For example, if they had PowerPoint, does it have a capability to incorporate narration and timing to step through the slides?

On the other hand, if they don’t have PowerPoint, is there some way to create, say, an .exe file that would do this on their PC?

I don’t care about having any video or fades or movement or other special effects. Just step through the slides and talk for a minute during each one.

FWIW what I am generally starting with is a PowerPoint presentation that I would narrate live.


I’ve never done this myself, but have seen it done. On the PowerPoint menu you can go to Slide Show|Record Narration and then record as you view the slides. This will then be saved along with your presentation.

As far as giving it to someone else, if they have PowerPoint just give them a copy of your .ppt file. If they don’t, go to Save As and change the file type to Power Point Show (.pps). This will be like an executable that they can run on their system.

There is also a free PowerPoint Viewer available from Microsoft, so if you can create a narrated slideshow in PowerPoint, the recipient should be able to view it using that.

Ah, no. A .pps is just a completed slide show. It is not an executable. A viewer of a .pps file requires the full Powerpoint program, or a the free Powerpoint viewer program available direct from Microsoft.

Best bet is to include the viewer installation program along with the .pps file. Instruct the user to click on the .pps file. If it opens properly, they already have Powerpoint installed on their computer. If the request burps, then instruct them to install the viewer and try again.

I have PowerPoint 2003, and under the file menu you can select “Package to CD”

This will allow you to save the file to a CD (duh!), but it also includes a player that will work on any pc having WIN 98SE or later.

I’m not sure about earlier editions of PowerPoint. has an equivalent program to PowerPoint, and it is free, but I don’t know if it too has a packaging option.

BTW, there is also the option of saving the file to a folder on your HD. This would be a better choice (obviously), if you simply plan on emailling the file… :slight_smile:

Powerpoint isn’t normally universal enough. I send finished slideshows to acrobat files.

It doesn’t have to be “universal.” If it is packaged per my instructions, it will play and function on nearly any PC. How exactly do you output a slideshow with images and text to Acrobat?

You have to have an acrobat compiler. The advantage is that once compiled, there’s no further variabililty at the remote computer due to fonts, image types, etc. It’s a big deal for non-English versions of windows or non-windows machines. They also pack smaller if you are emailing.

If you want to get slightly more technical about it, theres technology to put slideshows on the web for streaming. The other end runs a flash applet ro watch the slides.