Opening Day (Baseball) Can't Come Soon Enough

It’s sunny and mild today. A perfect day for BASEBALL!

Why, God, why must we wait? They should start today. The winter has been long and hard and miserable. The astronomers says spring starts March 21 with some equinoxy mumbo jumbo but they’re fools. Spring starts when BASEBALL starts, when the boys hit the field and you hear the crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs and everyone’s team starts tied and hope and wonder are in the air. Baseball!

It’s time to get out the gloves and the ball and get outside and throw it around and just for a moment, when you make a nice catch or a nice throw, imagine that you did it on the hallowed grounds of your favourite team’s stadium before legions of adoring fans. It’s time to spend a Sunday afternoon with a tall glass of your favourite beverage watching the game. It’s LONG since past time for me to be driving home from a long day at work and drive by the ball diamonds and see kids and parents crowded around a Little League game and to slow down a little in the hopes you’ll see some kid really crush one or make a great play, and then after dinner I can sit on the ouch with my little girl and watch some baseball, and she’ll fall asleep in the crook of my arm around the fifth inning and snooze up against me, her little face warm and peaceful, and I’ll turn the TV down low and we’ll sit there, me watching the game and her safe in my arms, the sounds of the game in the background and that is as wonderful as the human experience can possibly be.

Yup, I need baseball. Needed it for months now. But it’s so close, so very close.

I hear ya. I’m watching WBC games just to get a fix…

I enjoyed a nice spring training game yesterday between the A’s and the Giants. Wow! Such a great atmosphere and a lot of teasing between fans of the Bay Area teams. Cold beer, blue skies, and baseball.

Hehehe, remind yourselves of this nice weather for Spring Baseball when it’s the first week of April, and teams in Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago are playing home games in 35 degree weather with possible snow flurries. :smiley:

I’m going to call out the people of South Florida now There may be 5000 people at the World Baseball Classic.

I can wait. The Pirates are actually playing well in Florida! They could be Grapefruit League Champs!

I’ve been playing softball every Saturday afternoon right through the winter. And the various kids’ leagues seem to run year-round here in San Diego as well.

This SoCal weather can be a bit monotonous at times, but it IS ideal if you like playing ball.


As for MLB Opening Day, i couldn’t agree with you more. Although my first hurdle is getting myself ready for my Fantasy League draft, which happens next weekend.

I know. Pretty awful, huh?

Even here in San Diego, they managed to get 20,000 for the Japan/Cuba game today, and this evening’s Mexico/Korea games looks even better. I might have gone if tickets hadn’t been twice the price of regular season tickets.

I can’t wait…my fiancee got me tickets to opening day at Wrigley Field this year for Xmas…will be my first time at opening day!

Is Obama throwing out the first ball anyplace?

For the Nats opener I believe.

I have to say that the WBC is quenching my baseball thirst for now. USA is still in it. I already have one fantasy team and will probably get another. I joined a public league on ESPN-dot-com and it was an auction draft. In all the years I have been playing fantasy baseball, I had never done an auction draft before. It was fun, but I want another team using the familiar serpentine draft.

Wow, that’s awesome. Wrigley Field on opening day would be great.

It would be really awesome if Obama flew home to throw out the first pitch. I don’t pay much attention to Presidential trivia; has he ever said whether he’s a Cubs or a White Sox fan? Or does he say both, just to keep the peace?

My recollection is that he is a Sox fan, but my memory could be playing tricks on me.

This is correct.

And the Royals could be Cactus League Champs!

Maybe we need a “Spring Series” so fans of both teams can say they’ve made it to the post-pre-season.

Lions were undefeated in the preseason too;)

Yes, Obama is a White Sox fan. Another reason why I wouldn’t vote for him… LOL!

you know, I’d pay money to see that.

Pirates and Royals. George Brett vs. Willie Stargell. Except Willie is dead. :frowning:

Dave Parker can represent the Pirates instead, then.