Opening Day (Baseball) Can't Come Soon Enough

The Indians are back in Arizona again, at what I have heard is a fantastic new park. My dad suggested getting up and going this year (since he’s got a brother in Phoenix) but I need more time to plan. I think next year I might go…seems like the space between the end of football season and the beginning of baseball season is getting longer every year.

That being said…the high school baseball teams are gearing up now. I live right next door to the school and I take my dog for a walk there when weather permits. They’ve only been doing throwing drills lately, but I am anxious to hear the “crack of the bat” soon. I wish they practiced during the day so I could hear those lovely sounds from my home office!

The high school teams in your area use wooden bats? Isn’t that unusual?

You want him to write “the ‘ping’ of the bat” instead? What it gains in accuracy it loses in poetry, doncha think? :smiley: