Anyone going to Opening Day 2011?

I’m feeling fairly glum about the fact that I will likely miss my team’s Opening Day this coming Thursday due to work obligations, despite having tickets. So in order to stave off my projected misery, I want to hear from those Dopers who are planning to attend their team’s home opener. Or, even if you won’t be in the stadium, talk about any special ways you’ll be marking the start of the regular season!

Not this year, I’m afraid. I’m a Giants fan, and Opening Day tickets are rather hard to come by this year, for some reason.

I did get an email a couple months ago about a contest the team was running, the first prize for which was the* opportunity to purchase tickets* for Opening Day…

Probably not. It’s been over five years since I attended a game in person.

But there is some chance that might change. My father, like me, is a football fan and now that I’m back in western NY, we’ve discussed the possibility of going to a game.

As long as Opening Day occurs during the week during tax season, I’ll never be able to make an Opening Day.

I’m a Soxs fan so is it even possible to get tickets? And spoiled so I would want good seats so nope not going. And I’m more of NFL fan and I as long as I see the game that is all I care about. But I don’t even have NESN anymore because the cable company sucks so I will be seeing very few games this year.

I’ve only been to one Opening Day, back in 1994. Think it was Reds/Cubbies. Was definitely Reds, since it was in Cincinnati. They had an elephant to throw out the first pitch. Deion Sanders had a triple. Guy is really fast going down the line, but once he rounded first, it seemed like he shifted gears and engaged the warp drive or something. I’ve never seen that kind of explosive acceleration in a baseball game before or since.

I’ve gone several consecutive years on Opening Day due to having a mini-plan with the Dodgers. In 2009, I got to see Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle. Another man with speed to burn. That was good stuff.

I usually attend at least one minor league opener. This year I want to catch the first game for the Lynchburg Hillcats (Braves farm) under the management of Luis Salazar, to see and give props to the guy tough enough to get back on the job just a couple weeks after losing an eye to a line drive foul.

I’ll be attending Opening Day for the first time this season, and I even will get to see my team play, despite the fact that I’m on the wrong side of the country. That I’ve never been to Safeco Field makes it all the better. The fact that the Mariners look just as terrible as the Tribe does this year gives me hope I might even see a win.

I’m pumped.

I’m going. It will be cold, but fun. Nationals park has a lot of stuff to distract you from the actual ball game, which is probably a good thing.

Ahhhh. Managed to make it to the game, after all. And the Dodgers win a great pitching duel despite the efforts of Jonathan Broxton! Good times!

Yeah, I know. But I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

There’s no way I can get tickets to the home opener for the Tigers.

Went to the Cards home opener. Lots of fun, got to see Stan the Man, Lou, Gibby.

Sloppy baseball, and the home team lost in extras… but at least baseball’s back.

Our home/season opener is today. I never go to the home opener…went to a 3rd or 4th game once and it was just too fucking cold.

Usually I set up a little TV here in my office and wear my hat all Oscar Gamble style (we’ve got similar hair!) but this year I finally have HDTV, so I am cutting out of work at 3 to move operations to the living room and watch my game.

Listening to sports radio now. Luckilly the better station has streaming audio, because I can’t get it on my transistor radio. Jealous that they are partying downtown, and I don’t have any friends who would be into that.

Oh and I also post this INDIAN’S FEVER! song link on my Facebook page :slight_smile:

Asimovian I actually watched some of the Dodgers game last night, as it was the only thing on at the bar last night. Except then they switched it to the Boston basketball game and I was quite chuffed :frowning:

You know the Tribe are my adopted boys. I’ll be tuning in as soon as it gets started! Go Tribe!

The Cubs home opener is currently underway without me.
I went for several consecutive years in my younger days. I’d show up at Wrigley on the day tickets went on sale in February and pick up tickets for half a dozen games or so, including opening day.

Back then:

  • They didn’t bother with that wristband nonsense to buy tickets on the first day.
  • No internet sales meant all the best games didn’t sell out in a matter of minutes.
  • You didn’t have to spend a day’s pay to get a decent seat.
  • I was much more willing to spend hours sitting outside on a freezing cold day with the wind whipping in from the lake, and then endure the wall-to-wall crowds and overpriced beer at the local bars.

But I should make it home in time to watch the last couple innings, and I’ll definitely crack a beer or two in honor of the day.

Attended Opening 'Day at Wrigley. Very cold. Prediction: 161-1.

In all my years of fandom I have never been to a major league team’s home opener…but this year I’ll be in Atlanta on the Braves’ opening day, and I have a ticket. So barring rain or other catastrophe, I’ll be looking forward to it.