Baseball !

As I write this Major League Baseball season kicks off in about two hours. The fisrt pitch will be thrown at about 5:12 am Eastern Standard Time. The Mets and Cubbies start things off in Toyko, Japan.

Spring has sprung ! Hardball is back ! YES. I am alive once again.

Go Braves !!

Anyone else as excited as me ?

Didn’t the season used to begin around April 9th or so? Have they changed things? Or am I just mistaken?

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BTW, go Phillies!


I am very excited about the start of another season. I’m a New York fan, but am sort of conflicted since I ended up with Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, and Javy Lopez on my fantasy team.

This year I live just a few minutes from Wrigley, so I can’t wait to take in as many games as possible at that ballpark. I’ve never been, but I’m sure it’s beautiful. It’s gotta be better than my last city’s offering: The Devil Rays in crappy, damp, dark, decrepit-even-though-it’s-only-been-a-ballpark-for-two-years Tropicana Field.

I’ve got tickets for the Mets-Cubs on June 13th. Woo-hoo!!

Big Mets fan!..::bonk::…Sorry,that was head bouncing off the desk,I’m beat.I ACTUALLY got up at 5am to watch Mike Hampton (our Ace?), Walk nine! Will I get up early again tommorrow.Bet your ASS!

ResivoirDog, you are going to be blessed with a experience like no other. You are going to be able to pray at the worlds only Church of Baseball, it cleanses the soul like no other experience on the planet. I do strongly suggest you shelve that NY fan idiocy. Not that you’ll be able to root against the Cubbies after being baptised in the bleachers.

Yeah, Omni, I have a feeling that the Cubs will grow on me, since it looks like I’ll be in town for a least a few years. I imagine that, unable to replace New York as my team, they will at least join them on the shrine of favored franchises.

That didn’t happen in Tampa, though, which is actually a big NY Yankees town.

Oh, to be in the bleachers with the sun shining down on my shoulders drinking an ice cold Budweiser. (BTW, Wrigley Field is the ONLY place Bud tastes good)

Of course, I’m stuck here in Denver and have to wait until my beloved Cubbies come to town…

I can’t wait to see the Diamondbacks in action again. My company owns season tickets at B.O.B. and frequently offers them to employees. We call them the nosbleed seats, not because they’re in the rafters, but two rows back from the fence near the on-deck circle. The nickname came from when Kelly Stinnet broke a bat that hit a former co-worker in the face. He survived but after several bouts of reconstructive surgery he decided to move away.

::takes out can opener,eyes #10 can 'o worms::

Never been to Wrigley,But we ALL know New York is THE baseball town.No other city can match the tradition and energy!!Give me Shea, a 6$ hotdog and an 8$ beer…Lifes good!

:: :Dusting off tomahawk:::


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: :picks up broom with yankees Logo on it:: Tomahawk chop THIS!..::does chop with broom::

Oh. Baseball. A sorta cross between bowling and golf, only without the funny shoes or pants. About as exciting too.
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I feel the same way about large tomes of rambling,useles poetry! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I was to excited to complete my reply.
I am a hopeful Dodger fan, an embarrassed Angel fan, and a die-hard Red fan. (Pete Rose is a god and Bud Selig sucks)
This is going to be a great year!

Yup I raced home from work and caught the last 5 innings of the game yesterday. Plan on doing the same this morning. Neither are my “team” (got to root against the Mets cause they are in the same div. as my beloved Bravos) but its just baseball. I may be a fan of other sports, but baseball is a religion.
It was also kinda cool to see the japanese reaction to the game. They are so damned polite, they just sit and clap. Funny to watch.
BTW Madpoet, bugger off !!

I defy anyone to explain to me how baseball is anything like bowling OR golf, much less a cross between the two.

Well, golf is played on grass. The outfield of a baseball field is grass. Lawn bowling (bocce ball) is played on grass. People wear special bowling shoes and special baseball shoes. Is there such a thing as golf shoes? Probably. Mmm…you can get a strike in both baseball and bowling. But not golf.

I can’t think of anything else.

I’ve been waiting for this since October. I got the corporate hookup for nights & weekends at Wrigley this spring, I need to pick out the games I want to go to (those Met games look good if I’m in town, and June 13th is my birthday). We all know that my beloved Yanks are going all the way again, but this year it might be a little more exciting (I love watching the Red Sox lose in September…there’s nothing better).

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