Opinion on Electrician Estimate

This is what the Engineer described and quoted me, seems high to me and sense they may have smelled some misguided desperation.

In the garage, we will install (1) 100 amp 240 volt circuit to feed a new 100 amp sub panel in the garage near the tankless water heater (Main Breaker panel lives on the outside wall of the garage about 25 feet away).

We will come thru the back of the panel and install a surface mounted junction box on the wall. From the junction box we will pipe down the wall, over the door and into the new 100 amp sub panel. From the 100 amp sub panel we will install (2) 50 amp 240 volt dedicated circuits to feed the tankless water heater. The breakers will be 50 amp but the wire will be upsized one size to a #6 thhn per manufacturers requirements.

Total cost $1323.00

Seems reasonable to me. The work will require permits. That, combined with the hourly rate for a licensed union electrician and the material looks about right.

Looks like steal (in favor of the OP) to me, but prices are a higher where I live (NorCal).

Did you only get one quote?

That seems high to me. It’s a couple hundred dollars in materials. The wire is probably the most expensive part. There’s little wire fishing (everything is surface mounted or in conduit) so a good electrician can bang the job out in a couple of hours.

That said, smart contractors don’t set their prices based only on the cost of the job. They include a markup to cover their overhead costs such as driving to/from jobs, office expenses, time spent writing quotes (some of which don’t turn into paying work), and lots more. They also include profit. And they take into account the local competition. If everyone else is charging $1,300 for that sort of job they’d be stupid to charge $600. You need quotes from other electricians before you accept or dismiss this one.

The statistician in me indicates, based on the last three responses, that its about right.

He doesn’t mention what type of conduit or enclosures he’s using. “Couple hundred dollars in materials” would be a pretty low-end installation.

I appreciate all your input, I did try to get another estimate but they were too slow and wifey wants it now! Based on your feedback and additional research I had done, it seems like it may be on the high edge but still reasonable / fair so I have decided to go for it.

Thank you,

Seems reasonable. I had something similar done 12 years ago for $800. Throw in inflation, and whatever minor differences there might be between your installation and mine, and $1323 sounds ballpark.

Let me get this straight, about 35’ of #6 thhn copper wire, 35’ of appropriately sized conduit, you will need the extra 10’ to get around the door, one each 100 amp 240 Volt sub panel, 2 each 50 amp breakers, 1 each appropriately sized surface mounted junction box, and the miscellaneous small things that the manufacturer left out of the box. All for “couple hundred dollars”? Not around here it isn’t. Maybe 8 years ago, not today.

This quote is not out of line. I agree with most of the folks above, it is about right. I would spend more effort to be sure that this company will do a quality job for me. Finding a company that does it right the first time is the key. I will spend extra $$ to be assured of this. You do not want the house to burn down.

Go to the store and ask how much that size of copper wire costs for the length you need. FYI it will need to be 4 conductor. (Hot, hot, neutral, ground.) Large double breakers are not cheap either!

Have to agree with the others, looks like a good rate. My friend does me well on electrical work giving me the buddy rate and I doubt he’d come in much less on that. Parts and labor add up, and you don’t want shoddy work with your electrical supply.

I just did similar work, the OP quote looks reasonable to me. You might try to counter-bid with others to shave a hundred or two off with more hassle (IMO) than it’s worth. Any lower and you’d be looking at non-permitted under-the-table type of work.