Opinion on gender cliches

A Chinese-born, Berlin artist has a book about gender cliches. I found it funny, but am wondering what others think about this artist or whether depicting such simple stereotypes are outdated. (The link only shows a few of them, but I don’t want to take pictures of my favourites due to copyright.)

(Link to other book and discussion): Opinion on Asian Customs

ISTM she’s selling 1950s-style thinking in 2010s-style cartoons.

She certainly picked big fat targets with no subtlety.

True enough.

I think they are very clever.

I mean…she’s not wrong. For the most part.

– by feeding into them, and thereby adding to the plague?

This quote is from Marie Claire Asia magazine, not Dr_Paprika. I think the artwork is very clever - the message much less so: hardly groundbreaking, dated, hackneyed but often true. And uninfectious.

I think they’re mostly untrue old “common knowledge” and very unoriginal. Yeah, women can multitask and men think about sex all time :roll_eyes:. It’s so old hat that it’s cringeworthy.

Unfunny, unoriginal, and dumb as shit.

Not to mention just plain lazy.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Why is it unoriginal?

Or technically speaking - they’re lame.

Because the cliches in the cartoons are ages old and have longer beards than ZZ Top. (yeah, I adopted a German idiom about old stale jokes and notions: they have long beards over here :wink:)

Comedy, it wasn’t.

I did notice that the list was about even split between bigoted bullshit (ie: actual cliches) and stuff that happens because of, you know, actual reasons. The way they were indiscriminately lumped together made be wonder whether the creator realized that the two categories of things aren’t the same.

God, these are terrible.

I don’t understand some of them.

Did you notice the little words in the upper outer corners that give the topic for each cartoon?

You’re not missing much; Archie Bunker would have felt right at home endorsing each of them. (Except for the ones about love and sex and relationships; he couldn’t bring himself to talk about “the mushy stuff”.)

The OP’s link didn’t work for me yesterday so I had to go on google images, which didn’t include the captions. But now the link works for me. The caption actually does help (and also I seem to be more intelligent right now…I don’t know why the last one perplexed me so much yesterday).

Wow, I’m sure all the biggest macho assholes I know would love them but I’ve heard them all so many times I just didn’t crack a smile at all. Just feel like they’re fundamentally unfair to the women I know and respect.

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