Lesbian mothers' art work

I was surprised to see the Slug Signorino drawing in this week’s e-column:

The Chicago Reader, Cecil’s home paper, ran the column on 4/20, re-using artwork from the “no-income-tax-because-Ohio-wasn’t-a-state-part-II” column (also reprinted in one of the books – “Triumph of,” if I recall correctly, which would be a rare occurance).

So what gives? Offended lesbians in Chicago? Missed art deadlines? Illustration too big for the space? Two feet of snow on the tracks? (Oops, sorry, wrong thread…)

“The dawn of a new era is felt and not measured.” Walter Lord

Here’s a link to the art work that did run in the Reader (the words within the art were changed appropriately)

Let’s try that again… and this time, include the link…

(creeping off in embarrassment…)

“The dawn of a new era is felt and not measured.” Walter Lord

I’m not terribly impressed with the lesbian artwork, myself, but Slug has his own style which usually works with Cecil’s style. I’d love to see his renderings of blacks or Asians sometime, tho, just to compare.


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Well, Esprix, there’s at least one Slug cartoon of Asians in the More of the Straight Dope. You know, the “yellow” book. (Ponder that one for a moment. Now stop.)

It’s used in the question about what would happen if all of the Chinese jumped off chairs at once. The cartoon has your standard stereotyped “Chinaman” with the robe, muffler, and long braid.

And in the same book, illustrating the “What is a ‘Mojo’?” is a cartoon of a black couple in bed. Exactly what you’d expect-- broad, flat nose, big white saucers for eyes, the whole bit.

Say what you want about Slug, but he’s an equal opportunity offender.

OK, that answers my question - I can accept that. I’d love to see a self-portrait sometime! :smiley:

I look at Howard Stern the same way.


Evidently, I rock.
Ask the Gay Guy!

Well… it’s not like Slug’s portraits of whites are what you’d call “flattering.”

Esprix wrote:

You’ll want to check “Return of the Straight Dope” (that’s the red book) p. 164. I’ll leave it to others more learned than me to discuss any significance therein.

What is this, some kind of freakout??

You don’t think representing Cecil as a turkey in a mortarboard is flattering?

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