In praise of Slug!

Not a question about a particular column, but I think this still belongs in this forum since it applies to Cecil’s columns in general. Apologies if it belongs in GQ or MPSIMS instead.

I’ve always been a big fan of Slug Signorino’s illustrations for Cecil’s columns & books – they range from funny to bizzarre to ribald to borderline offensive, sometimes all at once. In other words, perfect!

Plus, Slug himself seems to be the only person whose identity is shrouded in more mystery than the Perfect Master himself. So I have two questions:

  1. Has Slug’s work appeared in other, non-SD-related publications? Surely one sketch a week for Cecil couldn’t pay for his no-doubt scandalous lifestyle.

  2. What else do we know about this shadowy figure of the art world?

Thanks, Ed! I should have mentioned that I had in fact read that FAQ before I posted.

Since the FAQ is a bit dated (I seem to recall it was in its current form way back when the SDMB went online), I wonder if it’s still true that he works other gigs. Plus, the information in the FAQ (the part that isn’t tongue-in-cheek) is a little vague as regards Slug’s other published work. Perhaps this is due to Slug’s desire for anonymity, but if not, I’d be curious to see his other work. It’s not so much nosiness as appreciation of his work (we love ya, Slug! :))

Have any Dopers spotted artwork that bears the distinctive Slug style in other venues?

His website has a portfolio of non-Cecil cartoons and illustrationsfrom a range of publications.

There was a thread not too long ago that discussed Slug.

He can’t be trying that hard to be anonymouse if he’s listed in the phone book. :slight_smile: