Why is Cecil's Cartoonist So Lame?

I am not an artist, but then again neither is Cecil’s cartoonist. The difference is I don’t pretend to be! Sheesh! Couldn’t Cecil find someone with a hint of talent? Or, is Uncle Cecil really, really cheap?

Ouch! …Sorry, Mr. Cartoonist.

  • Jinx

That would be Slug Sigorino. And despite the roughness of the drawings, I can certainly see a big creative talent in his artwork–it’s just highly stylized. Go Slug!

Another vote for Slug. His works convey the problems Cecil attacks.

Everyone has his or her own style.

Ever since I saw his illustration of a pig’s corkscrew-shaped penis, I have loved Slug Signorino. I think he’s got plenty of talent and a sense of humor that complements Cecil’s nicely.

Slug is much easier to find references to, and even has his own website, with portfolio of some of his illustrations, apparently from other sources:


If you look on Amazon, you can find a few other books listing him as an illustrator.

Here’s a drawing on the website of somebody who is says he’s her “Uncle Slug”, illustrating that he can do credible charicature in combination with his normal style:


I think the art is great, its simple, shows humor, and gets the point across.

Slug rocks! What can we do to get him on the boards?

I like Slug’s work, and always have. Cecil’s stuff doesn’t need an “artist” – just someone with an eye for picking out some of the oddball stuff that is as much a hallmark of Cecil Adams as is the continuing fight against ignorance.

Slug is a genius! I often laugh as much at Slug’s cartoons as at Cecil’s column. I have always thought a great addition to the Straight Dope stuff for sale would be a calendar with 12 of Slug’s more memorable cartoons, with just the question that prompted it as a caption, and perhaps a reference to the volume in which it can be found. I nominate this one for January. Any other Top 12 nominees?

The Slugster is cool in my book. Very cool.
Psst… Slug isn’t real. It’s actually Cecil Adams.

Fear Itself, classic. Must have missed that one.

I am another vote for Slug.

Jinx, if you’re worried about Cecil’s impecuniousness, buy a mug or something. You can have your friends vote whether Slug’s a slacker.

Get yourself selected as SDMB Staff and you get a free mug. :wink:

How do you pronounce Signorino?

Is it SIG-noreeno or SENOR-eeno?

I like him,too. No slug,he be.

Jinx, I cannot figure out how one might define a good or a bad cartoonist. Who do you feel is a good cartoonist? How much cartooning are you familiar with? Have you flipped through a copy of The New Yorker lately? Mad? The Sunday funnies?