Opinions of LG electronics products?

What’s the word on LG? Are they any good?

I’ve seen that they make everything from cell phones to washer/dryer combos…

From what I’ve seen of the crystal epitaxy facility they bought in Silicon Valley, I wouldn’t trust them with my fountain pen. Do you really want the last 00.0001039¢ worth of cost shaved off your consumer electronics product?

No, it’s just that, until recently, I had never heard of them.

I didn’t know if they were some electronics giant in Asia or South Africa or something, but after poking around, I know they’re Korean.

That’s ok, though, Samsung is Korean, and they make some decent stuff.

They make dirt cheap crap. It’s not as bad as some MALICIOUSLY poor crap, but it’s not good.

LG, or Lucky Goldstar, is a Korean conglomerate that has a hand in most everything. I dealt with their High Pressure Laminate (Formica style stuff) company, and their stuff was all over Korea and the rest of Asia, and Latin America, IIRC.

Lucky Goldstar site. You can surf their multitude of product line, power to toothpaste and mouthwash.

I’ve had an LG 17" computer monitor for a few years now. I find it nice enough and reliable enough to use it for the main display on my primary PC. Good colour, sharp focus, can’t fault it.

It’s the only piece of LG kit that I’ve got, so I can’t comment on the rest of their stuff.

I have an LG CD Writer & Monitor both pefectly good.

Also have an LG TV Video & Home Theatre (6 months old no problems yet)

Would not hesitate to recommend LG goods to friends.

My home PC was supplied with an LG monitor which worked fine for a couple of years, but then it failed (total loss of picture in the middle of a piece of work, had to remember what was on screen and use keyboard shortcuts to save and close everything).

They supplied a replacement, which I guess was reconditioned not new because it was impossible to get a rectangular, centred picture – anyhow, six weeks later that failed too (identical problem).

I got a second replacement and this time the picture’s centre is out of focus, there’s a donut of sharp focus around that and the corners are out too. That condition flips in and out spontaneously at intervals during use. I had to take three consecutive days off work for that one to be delivered because between LG and FedEx they screwed up my address and failed to give my phone number to the driver.

That’s the only piece of LG kit I have, but I won’t be getting any more.

Their stuff used to be sold as plain “Goldstar” until recently - I’d place it in the same category as Alba and Sanyo - I.E. cheap and nasty but works.

I’d place LG a notch above Sanyo & Co. - it’s more like Samsung (the two companies are Korean). They offer the best value for the money IMHO.

I have a “Goldstar” air conditioner, a LG CDRW and bought a LG monitor for a friend. Everything works perfectly.

I used to have an LG cell phone. I liked it so much that, old as it is, I’m keeping it around in case I decide to reactivate it in the future. I don’t know about other products of theirs, but the cell phones are sturdy and nicely designed.

I’ve an LG DVD-writer. It was roughly half the price of competing big-name products in the Toronto market. No problems installing it, and it seems okay so far… documentation’s a little skimpy though. And firmware update docs are more than a little opaque.

I have an LG 17" monitor, very nice, and a LG CD-ROM which has worked better than any CD-ROM I have had before. No complaints here.

We also had an LG washing machine that worked great for 3 years, (it was an incredibly smart machine too, very cool.) but then needed some warranty work. However, we could not get warranty since all the appliance guys would not touch LG given that they rarely paid out for warranty work done on appliances. We managed to exchange it for a GE, so good for us. But the lesson to be learned is only buy throwaway LG products.

Owner of a LG washing machine since the past year.Works like a charm.

Also have a LG CD writer which is bout 8 months old and no problems as yet.

And as FordPrefect suggested check if you service centres nearby before you decide on the purchase.

I have an LG cell phone and it serves me fine, although the battery doesn’t stick quite right in place sometimes and drains faster than usual.

I have:[ul][li]A DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive that has read any type of media put into for close two 2 years. You can also flash the firmware to make it region-free. Highly recommended.[/li][li]An LG Flatron 17" flat screen CRT monitor for 2 1/2 years. Excellent colour fidelity and contrast. Highly recommended.[/li][li]An LG Microwave. Had less than 6 months but seems solidly built and heats the food evenly. The fan is excessively loud, though.[/li]This is the first time I’d heard that LG was connected with Goldstar. I had a shitty little 22" Goldstar TV that I got cheap as a display model that I was never entirely happy with. The picture was fuzzy even when the reception wasn’t. Over time, the colours faded until everything was a golden urine colour. I’d have to give a thumbs down to this one.[/ul]