Opinions on changing hardware on antique(ish) buffet & hutch.

I’m not sure if this belongs here or in Cafe Society or MPSIMS - I assume not the Pit.

I purchased a buffet and hutch recently - it is a light oak antique(ish) set. The reason for the ‘antique(ish)’ is because the set is from the 50s which (based on what the man who sold it to me said) does not qualify as antique as far as antique dealers are concerned.

The buffet has 3 drawers and two cupboards with different, but coordinating and original hardware. The hutch has 2 glass doors - one with no hardware and one with a replacement pull which I find quite ugly.

I decided to replace all of the hardware and have selected pewter pulls for the buffet and pewter handles for the buffet; however, now I’m having second thoughts. I held the pewter pieces up to the set and they match nicely, but I don’t hate the original hardware on the buffet either. In theory I could find a new, but similar handle for the hutch and leave the original hardware on the buffet intact.

So, I’m looking for ideas, feedback, suggestions, etc.

Essentially the options are:

  1. Keep the original hardware on the buffet and try to find something similar to match the hutch - the negative with this is that if the buffet hardware is original it may be tricky to find something adequately matching 60 years later.

  2. Replace all the hardware on both pieces with the new pewter pulls and handles I purchased. Obviously then everything matches, but I’m not sure if that would negatively effect the value of the piece. I’m not sure if it even has any value other than me liking it and it being an excellent source of additional storage for my home. I was surprised to learn that a 60 year old item wasn’t considered antique, but I really don’t know a heck of a lot about the antique market.

So - thoughts? Ideas? Something totally different?

I do have the original pics from Kijiji if anyone wants to see the pieces, but the pics kind of suck - the set is much prettier and more delicate looking in person. Also, I’m not sure it makes a fundamental difference. If it’s always a mistake to replace pulls on 60 year old furniture, or never a mistake then I guess it doesn’t much matter what it looks like.

If you bought it for an investment, then keep the originals and try to match them. I think Restoration Hardware carries that sort of thing, but there are others and Google is your friend. :wink:

If you bought them to use, and don’t care about their resale value, then use the new stuff but keep the old stuff around on a “just in case” basis.

Keep the old pulls in a plastic bag inside one of the drawers and replace them with whatever floats your boat. If you want to resell it, you can always pull the old hardware out to go with it. And keep you eye out for hardware to match for the hutch - it couldn’t hurt to have.