All I want are some pretty cup hooks, dangit, is that so hard?

I can find them in white-coated vinyl and brass and stainless steel. They are all functionally perfect but boringly utilitarian (and one of them is brass, and I hate brass).

I’m looking for something antiquey. I did come across some in wrought iron for 22 bucks a pop! but I’m unwilling to pay $132 for six stupid little hooks.

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you a Restoration Hardware in your area? They’re a bit kitschy, but they do seem to have a bunch of cute drawer pulls, hooks, etc.

Try doing a serach using terms like “period hardware”, “arts and crafts”, etc.–whatever style you’re looking for (if you have something in mind more specific than “antiquey”). If you have access to a good magazine stand, there may be magazines on restoration for whatever style (I know there certainly are for craftsman/bungalow style)–these may have ads for hardware manufacturers.

How about something like this? You’d have to hand the mug carefully so they don’t bang together.

Here’s one that looks kinda neat. Of course it brass, but you can always paint it.

How about some swag hooks? Only problem with these is that the opening might not be large enough to accept the mug handle. Try the garden shop, there are usually some unusual oversized hooks in there.

Try visiting some flea markets, yard sales and antique places. Whenever I need some unusual hardware or decorative parts, I can often find items at these places that I can cannibalize. In fact I’m looking at my coat rack (thrift store: $5.00) right now, and it’s got some pretty cool looking hooks on it. I bet they could be made into mug hooks.

My first thought was cups on a bra… so I was like WTF!? pretty hooks?

Silly me