Help Me Find a Bookcase Hook

I have two bookcases in my office (at work) that are pretty great at being bookcases, but if I could hang a jacket or something on the side they would be even better. The catch is that I can’t mount anything permanently to either bookcase – so, no screwed-in hooks, etc.

I’m looking for essentially a purse/bag hanger, but one where the hook can be turned the other way: everything I can find on Amazon is designed to work with a table, where the bag hangs underneath, but there is no “underneath” with a bookcase.

At first I thought a stocking hanger might work, but there’s an offset/setback for the hook.

There’s gotta be something with a flat grippy top and a not-offset-hook that I can just put on the top of a bookcase and hang a jacket or tote bag on…right? Or am I asking too much of the laws of physics?

Perhaps some of the stick-on 3M Command products that MC Hammer endorses to “stop Hammer time” would work?

I have a large “Command Hook” that I bought and stuck to mine. It uses a special double stick tape that has a little tab on it. When you pull the tab, the double stick tape pulls away and it can be taken down. No residue left behind at all. I’ve hung heavy winter coats, laptop bags etc on it without issue. You can get them at most large home improvement stores. Mine is just white plastic, but I’ve noticed that they now make them in various colors and finishes, so if you like to match decor, it should be fairly easy.

Yep. Command Hooks are your friend. Get thee to a Home Depot; they’ve got a million of them.

Thanks, KMS94, Emergency911, and Tim R. Mortiss! Of course, a Command hook would work perfectly. But alas, I am a moron, and forgot to mention that I want the hook to be easily moveable. :slight_smile:

Ideally I’d like one item that I can move between the bookcases as needed, or stick in a drawer when not in use. Just a personal form preference. If nothing like what I have in mind exists, I will probably go the Command hook route.

On top of the bookcase, place a weight… something heavy… hide with nicely placed books.

Use any of hooks you originally had in mind, such as :

Etsy got some heavy stuff:

Ooooo, that first one might work, Philster…maybe also this one! Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Others are welcome to keep ideas coming!!)