Arts and crafts people wanted (or, help me decorate a back scrubber)

I’m getting my mum a back scrubber for her birthday because a) she wants one and b) I don’t have much money.

I thought I’d personalise it though since I’d like to show that SOME thought went into it.

Since the biggest problem I forsee is my little brother borrowing it and losing it I want to make it as girly as possible, taking it as far into self-parody as possible.

Since it’s going to definatly get wet my ideas for sticking fake pink feathers on it are out.

Anyhoo, anyone got any thoughts on how I can make it as garishly keeeeyyyooooot as possible?

I’m gonna try and find a wood one to make modification as easy as possible.

sequins, fake pearls, rhinestones…

Get a plastic one in pink or some other girlie color and go to town. You can get strings of beads to run up the handle.

There’s a glue this to that website that someone here or at Fametracker linked to, but I didn’t bookmark it so I don’t recall the address – sorry – but you should be able to find something (epoxy, maybe?) that will glue the stuff on pretty firmly.

Sounds like a fun gift! I’m sure she’ll love it – esp. with your personalizing it and all!

So you think plastic’s the way to go?

And I just realised that I said as possible a few too many times in my OP :).

Yeah, wood shouldn’t be used for things that will get wet.

I’ve had great luck with “Ok to wash it” glue from the fabric or craft store.

Encrust it with acrylic jewels, decoupage it with pictures of angels, fairies or kittens, wrap strings of plastic beads around the handle (makes it easier to hold at the same time). Go to your local craft store and go wild!

when ya go to the craft store, go to the "bridal " area. you will find many wonderous and “foo-foo” items there. then head over to the "kiddie"area for bath things you can attach to the back scrubber.

Perhaps decoupage might work for the handle. Sadly, this is one of the crafts I don’t do - but I’ve seen kits in bookstores that you can buy and encrust apparently anything with paper roses.