Opinions on Milledgeville

I’m thinking of attending Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA for grad school. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this city (is it worthwhile to stay for 2 years). I see that it is 2 hours from Atlanta, but other than this, will it be boring as hell? And hot as hell to boot? Any recommendations for a good time would be very appreciated!

I know someone who teaches there, so I can ask her what it’s like. I’ll email her tonight and let you know what she says.

Oh, and what kinds of non-school activites are you interested in?

I’m not a typical bar hopping college guy, but I’d like to be somewhere that’s not too “dead”. I have a strange feeling that this place might have nothing but Waffle Houses and ruby tuesdays and chain stores galore. And worst of all maybe not very many people, or interesting people for that matter.

I’ve heard it is kind of boring there, but I have a friend who goes there that really seems to enjoy it.

I went to Mercer in Macon for my B.A. and yes it will be hot, but its a wet, sticky heat. :slight_smile: Been through Milledgeville a couple of times and there’s not much there, but is this necessarily a bad thing? You’re not too far out of Atlanta / Macon for big stuff, and there won’t be a lot of little stuff to distract you. Just depends on what you’re looking for.


Boring. As. Hell. I lived on Lake Oconee for a summer and worked as a real estate secretary. There’s more around there now than there used to be, but that isn’t saying much. Dead. Doornail dead.

Well, there’s always the potential excitement caused by the large mental health hospital they have there. The good news is it’s just for kids these days; the bad news is, the town itself seems to hold on to the… somber nature that comes from having had such a thing in its history. I’ve had to send numerous clients there for involuntary stays, and have testified in court hearings a couple of times, and although it’s been a couple years since I’ve been through there, I doubt it’s changed all that much.