Opinions on pet health insurance?

Anyone have any experience with pet health insurance? For like $15 a month, there’s a few out there that cover a lot of things.

Anyone like to share their experiences or make a reccomendation?

All I know about it is that my wife came up with the idea a long time ago and her ex-husband talked her out of it.

We could be rich right now…

If one of my cats gets a terminally ill disease, or gets run over by a truck, or anything like that, all I will have to say is, “Bye bye, Fluffy. It was nice knowing you.”

I looked into it a little when we got our dog, because we got 3 months of coverage free when we adopted her through Petfinder. From what I could tell, it didn’t cover things that we were paying for right now, like routine medications (Interceptor and Frontline) and regular well visits with check-ups and tests. It would have been useful in the event of a major illness or surgery, so it was nice to have it when we got her in case there was something seriously wrong with her.

We did not continue the coverage, but when she is older and more likely to be sick or injured and need expensive treatment I may get it for her again. I know it is always a gamble that she could get sick, but for now she is young and healthy and I don’t know if it is worth the payment. If she needed special care or meds or something I would be more likely to get coverage.

When we took our puppy to the vet the first time, there was an offer for 2 weeks of free pet insurance. In those two weeks, puupy became ill and needed all sorts of medicines. Seeing how beneficial this could be with a puppy we decided to keep it.

When she was teething, one tooth cracked and got infected. Two weeks later another did the same, but the infection stayed for almost a month. Between the x-rays, anaesthesia, tablets, and office visits the bills were staggering. However, because we had the insurance, it only cost us 40 quid.

I highly recommend it - especially for puppies.

It’s a great idea for puppies (or, I guess, kittens if anyone would really want to have those things in their house :wink: ), older animals and those with chronic conditions. It’s a rip off if your animal is in the mid-range and healthy.

I think the insurance through my vet is right around $200 a year, maybe a shade less. I’ve spent an average of $84 at the vet on my 5 YO dog in the 2.5 years I’ve had her. Once she hits 8 YO, though, I’m probably going to invest.

I never bought it, but was lucky to never need it. A friend recently spent about $7,000 on his very sick dog that is recuperating. He said his pet insurance will reimburse about half.