Pet Insurance?

I am considering the adoption of a dog. I’ve been doing some reading about breeds, training, etc. In my search, I’ve come across mentions of what would best be described as health insurance for pets.

Here is an example, specifically devoted to shelter-adopted animals.

In the SDMB’s experience, is this a worthwhile expenditure?

(Not to hijack my own post, but intereseting online resources for puppy/dog info would be welcome!)

I work for a company who administers various types of insurance for public employers. We refuse to sell/administer pet insurance because it’s a huge ripoff. The premiums are rather hefty and you don’t get a lot in terms of benefits. It will be less expensive, in the long run, to simply take the pup to the vet once a year for its regular checkups.

And, here’s a great veterinarian informational site for ya:

Good luck!

I agree. I looked into pet insurance for my cats (I had THREE at the time). The premiums were outrageous! I keep my cats indoors for the most part and never let them outside alone. So I could not justify that kind of expense for healthy animals.

I’m mostly looking at this “sheltered animal” option- to cover things like hidden infections, kennel cough, etc.

I like the idea of adopting an unwanted dog but I don’t like the thought that I’ll have no idea of where they came from, the health of the parents, etc. Are these conditions widesread enough to concern myself with?

Thanks for the responses so far.

Kennel cough is extremely contagious – my dog has contracted it from random neighborhood dogs just being around in front of the house. It’s very easy to treat – they squirt some yucky stuff up the nose. It’s also pretty cheap. And doesn’t happen that often.

If you keep up with the regular vaccinations (once a year, maybe $50 on average. YMMV.) and keep the pet(s) inside when you’re not around, you’ll probably go to the vet once a year. Especially with mutts. Purebreds tend to have more medical problems. The rule of thumb I’ve heard: take whatever you spent on your purebread and double it – that’ll end up being your annual medical costs. For an English Bulldog, pet insurance might make sense. For a random dogzilla, no way.

The first bill will be the highest – startup costs always are. If you get a puppy, I highly recommend crate training. Pricey startup, but will save you a fortune in not-chewed furniture, clothing and valuables. (My pets only destroy what I own outright. If I still owe money on it, they must know and leave the object alone.)

We adopted a Weimaraner from a shelter in NJ about a year ago. The first thing we did was purchase pet insurance. It’s $10.95 a month. We still have to pay for the regular exams but that’s not why we got the insurance. Should he ever need major medical care it will cover 80% of the expense and that gives us peace of mind.

We had our Golden Retriever euthenized last year. He needed an MRI to determine exactly what was wrong with him and there was no way we could afford it.


we got a neat little insurance program round my parts for the wife’s cats.

they are insured to live a nice long healthy life if they a) stay on our side of the fence, and b) stay out of the engine compartment of my trucks.

if they go on the other side of the fence, they are insured to be eaten by coyotes, and if they get in my truck engines, they are insured to be kilt ded by the fan blades or me!:smiley:

She said she loved me like a brother. That’s great, cause she’s from Arkansas!