opinions on Youtoo America, BizTV, and other Centerpost Ltd media properties

Someone I know from acting mentioned that she’s in a reality show produced by Youtoo America. I hadn’t heard of them before, and I did a little googling. I learned that Youtoo America (http://youtooamerica.com/) is a media property owned by Centerpost, Ltd. (http://www.centerpostlimited.com/), which owns a few other properties including BizTV (http://www.biztv.com/). As far as I can tell, these companies produce content that is distributed various ways, including cable, broadcast TV, and Roku. It looks like a lot of lower tier content with a couple bigger names (e.g., Paula Deen) and some decent, if older, movies.

They had a form to submit ideas for shows, so I thought, “What the hell?”. I’ve been planning to produce a YouTube series of cybersecurity news and “explainers”, and I thought if I can get something going with these guys I might get a more professional product, some promotion, and possibly some money. I sent in a pitch. They answered my submission and want to talk with me next week.

But I have no idea how these things work, or what to expect. Does it work like other TV production companies, where they produce the show and pay the talent, or is this more like paid programming where I pay them to show my content? Has anyone here watched any of their shows?

I know, I can ask these questions when I talk to them next week. I wanted to hear from you all first to have some idea of what to expect.