Opinions wanted, Bell ExpressVu versus Star Choice Satellite TV

I’m in Ontario, and where I live you can’t get cable tv, so if you want anything it has to be satellite. I have had Star Choice for less than a year, and 4 weeks ago it started loosing the signal, about every 15 seconds it goes off and then comes back on. During the day it stays on longer, sometimes for as long as a minute. At night it goes off more frequently (as you can see, I have spent some time studying this problem :slight_smile: )

I have talked to Star Choice twice; both times they just had me reset the receiver. When that didn’t work, they decided I needed to install a new RG6 cable cord from the dish to the TV. I phoned an installer, and that will cost me over $200.

That is more than what it would cost to get a full install done by either Star Choice or the Bell, $50 less in both cases, so that is what I am going to do, because I’m not 100% convinced it is the cord, it could well be the receiver, and I don’t intend to spend $200 that might not fix the problem.

So, for people that use one or the other, what are your thoughts? Have you found a big difference of one over the other?

Thanks all!

I only have some experience with Expressvu. The TV line up looks like a normal cable line up with more american tv mixed in. If you want a good deal with expressvu find out if anyone you know works for bell in any way. We employees get discounts for buying expressvu.

Too bad I can’t use my employee purchase plan for my own since my building faces the wrong way! Gah!

My parents have Bell – my brother has StarChoice. After seeing both in operation, I chose Bell. I suppose that says a lot from my end.

Also, I wanted the spiffy new PVR unit they have, which may or may not be to our taste (it’s about $600, IIRC).