Opossums: An Observation

Oh, those poor opossums. Doomed from day one.

Good Lord made 'em, stamped ‘ROADKILL’ on their asses and sent them on their way.

You would think an animal that skulks in the night would be a bit more savvy and stay away from the domain of the Great Roaring Beast.

Hey, 'possum! You have acres of woodland to romp and play in – GET OFF OF THE ROAD!!!

Just makes me sad.

(those raccoons ain’t too smart either)

My first thread – is it pointless enough?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to a possum that it could be done.

All possums are born dead in the road.

mostly dead

Why did the 'possum cross the road?

To prove to the armadillo that it could be done.

And so it goes…

Why did the armadillo cross the road?

Cause it was stapled to the opossum.

And do you know just how difficult it is to staple an armadillo?
Excellent first post, Pal or may I call you Juicy?
Very pointless, mundane enough and certainly worth sharing. Welcome to the boards!

My husband PETTED the one that comes in the garage. I made him wash, wash, wash.

Nuthin’ gets that human stink out of a ‘possum’s fur like a good srubbin’ in a tub o’ lard.

(gratuitous use of )

It’s one of those food chain things. Possums are predestined to be road kilt so drunk southerners can find dinner.

Have you ever met one of those animals in person? Trust me, I don’t want to kill anything with my car, but the world isn’t taking a big loss when a possum buys the farm. They get run over because there’s no room for brains in among all the teeth.

Possums are cute! Especially tiny ones.

Any animal whose genetic response to danger is to play dead, provides for numerous chances to test your driving skills.

As I recall, the so-called “faking dead” of opussums isn’t really anything other than fainting as a response to high levels of stress. And the bowels are often released at the same time.

I wonder how that would work out for humans…as an example, when the boss gives me too much work, or I open the tax bill, or my mother-in-law shows up at the door…“Ooooppps! I’m feeling kinda faint here…Eeewwwhhh!”

Hey! Don’t be dissin’ possums!

Two of the sweetest, cuddliest critters I’ve ever known were the zoo’s possums, Stewie and Pie. We got 'em when their mom ran afoul of a car (surprise) and raised them from babies. Stewie stayed with us all his life but Pie spent some time with a family before coming back to us after Stewie died.

I’ve always heard that possums hve nasty, scraggly coats, but these two were gorgeous. Thick, plush fur with a sort of puffball on the top of the head. They loved to hug, too.

Both Stewie and Pie went out on presentations at schools, birthday parties and other events. We never had a problem with them.

I admit they weren’t exactly the smartest critter in the zoo, but they made up for it in lovability.

Damn, I miss those two!

Mmmmm! Possum Stew[sub]ie[/sub]. Possum Pie. :slight_smile:

I’ve had many encounters with these animals. I used to kill them in vast numbers as a teenager(I feel sort of bad about that now).

At a place I used to work, without fail, one would climb into an empty dumpster and need help getting out almost everytime. These creatures do not faint everytime, trust me. They can be very confrontational. This one unfortunate captive happened to be a mother. I watched the tiny babies crawl in a out of the puch. I feed her, gavce her watre and put a 2by4 in the can so she could exit at will.

We also had a stray cat problem and the county would come out and leave tuna baited traps. An opossum would get caught everytime and i would come out and free it.

I don’t purposefully try and hit them anymore, but honestly I don’t swerve if one darts out. Also, they just are not cute,I’m sorry.