Opportunity! Soliciting Investors. E-mail me!

If I ever started a pointless thread this is it. Oh wait, there is a very significant point to this thread. the point is the south pole.

This thread is spawned from this thread

Imagine a 150 foot diameter circular restaurant platform suspended from a column centred exactly on the south pole. The cables holding up the platform are connected to a circular ball thrust bearing at the top of the pole.

Imagine a self supporting glass dome enclosing the restaurant.

Imagine various facilities outside the periphery of the dome like hot tubs and hotel rooms and whatever else they have at winter vacation spots.

Now imagine being seated at the restaurant periphery and watching the world’s rotation move under you at the rate of 4 inches per minute.

Isn’t it wild!?

Is this a business opportunity or what?

No taxes!

What do you think?

Please ignore any implications provided by the title. I’m not soliciting.

Well surely there would be a pole tax.