Opposite of Misogynist?

Misogynist is one who hates women.

Whats the word for one who hates men?

It’s **misandrist[/], but it’s hardly a common word. I’ll just stick with ex-wife. :smiley:

Hey! I know this! It’s not often I’m the one answering questions.


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Wouldn’t the opposite be someone who loves women?

No, the opposite would be someone who does not hate women.

Be careful! You two will shove this into Great Debates.

In which way do you intend to use the word “opposite”?

Contradictory Opposition: Opposition of being and of non-being, as such. man vs non-man

Privative Opposition: Opposition of being and non-being in a subject. many vs unmanly

Contrary Opposition: Opposition of being and non-being in the same subject. man vs brute

Relative Opposition: opposition of two positive terms which mutually refer to one another in the same subject. man vs boy
Pick your oppositional type and hurl your terms.

Quite simply, a definition is of the form “x is a y if and only if x has property P.” The opposite of having property P is not having property P. I don’t think that matches up exactly with any of your notions of opposition, but it’s the most obvious one to me.


My thoughts exactly. A gynophile?

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Hmmn. I’m a guy who’s deeply misandrist. Last time I knew, I was neither a woman, nor was I a Nazi.