Optimal TV Mounting

I am so smart that when these shelves were made I had them sized to fit a 35 inch CRT tv. I mean, when it died, I was just going to but a new one. Now I have this situation: http://tinypic.com/m/hv2elf/3 and want to put in an led tv. The actual opening is 35.5 inches wide, 30 inches tall. I can just squeeze in a 39 inch of some brands. The residual shelf in front of the cabinet doors is 7". Once the monster crt is removed I can mount to the top or bottom of the opening with an arm that can extend in front of the cabinet. The current dvd player will be blocked by the new tv in any of these scenarios. Do wireless dvd/blueray players exist?

put the dvd player on a shelf in the cabinet above or below and run a cable through a hole that exists or that you make.

If you really want to have the source components out of reach of a cable to the TV, you can use a wireless HDMI adaptor pair. Essentially it just replaces the cable with a pair of dongles. You may need to check that the dongles support all the functionality you expect.


Right. That is exactly what I will do.

I thought that if you replaced a 4:3 CRT with a new screen, it would be changing to 16:9 , even less square, and there’s be MORE room under the screen for the blue ray/DVD/PayTV box

Good point. Either way, it will pose no problem. I will see what I need after I install it. I am going to install a mount with articulated arm to the lazy Susan the current TV sits on. It will support the TV in front of the doors. A 47 inch tv is only 42 inches wide, so I think that will work.