TV mounting hardware

I want to mount an LED tv with the mount attached horizontally, to a shelf and the articulating arm projecting outward. Most ceiling mounts do not appear adaptable to this. I am uncertain whether I could use a wall mount.

yes you could with a big all depends.

you would need to have to follow directions for the mount.

the shelving unit might have to be modified so that any part of it that the mount is attached to is immovable and as rigid as a wall. the shelf may also be needed to be anchored to the wall if is not already.

so you might have to add structural wood to the shelving unit. you might need to use bolts instead of wood screws depending on where things are attached.

it depends on what the shelf is that you are talking about, the particular wall mount also. yes you might be able to do it right with planning and skill. it is easy to do i.t wrong without knowledge about walls, finish carpentry. not a guess your way through or learn as you go experience.

I was thinking that this is not an unheard of situation, and there should be something out there that specifically address such mounting issue.

Look at the price of desk mount and arms. Those adjustable arms will cost a fortune.

Use a simple wall mount with no fancy arms or feet or anything.
But how then ? With timber . $20 worth of timber and some long screws suitable for the timber. (eg by pine and use some cheap timber screws… )

Cut the timber to make a triangle… One piece upright to hold the wall mount, one piece to brace the vertical (the diagonal), both of which attach to the horizontal.
So duplicate the triangle to give some left right rotation stability.
As the TV will be in the front of the timber, it would tend to fall forward.
… Unless you hooked the lower timber onto the edge of the table…
So add something to hook the table top at the rear edge. eg a G clamp.

attaching a wall mount into a wall with 16" studs is ordinary.

anything other is custom work. you need to consider all the details in your particular situation so that the tv/mounting doesn’t fall down. creativity is useful to look nice, functions well, has reasonable cost but it also has to be structurally sound.