Looking for an adjustable way to mount a TV over a fireplace

I’ve got a 52" LCD TV that I’ve considered mounting above my fireplace, but I’m hesatent to do so because I think it would be too high and create an uncomfortable viewing angle. Now, the fireplace is rarely (actually never) used, and just placing the TV in front of it has also crossed my mind, but I’d still like to retain the functionality of the fireplace, even though actually using it remains unlikely.

One idea I had would be some kind of telescoping/adjustable mount above the fireplace that would allow me to pull the TV down and out in front of the fireplace for watching TV, but would also allow me to return the TV to a position above the fireplace when not in use (or when the fireplace is in use). Has anyone ever heard of a setup like this, or know if such a mount exists? If so, any ballpark guesses as to what it might cost?

I don’t know if this is true, but when I got mine, I considered having it mounted above the fireplace. The installation guys said that they thought it was potentially damaging to have the TV above all of that heat and possible smoke. (apartment, not the best fireplace and flue).

If you have a highly mobile HDTV installation, you might want to opt for the high quality (and price) HDMI cables, they have better flexural properties than the cheap ones (their only advantage)

BTW, where are you putting the cable and/or satellite box, the blue ray, and the surround sound receiver and speakers?

This is a personal pet-peeve of mine…TVs should be at the viewer’s eye level unless there’s some other circumstance you’re allowing for (like small children). Also, they can and do get damaged from fireplace heat. I understand that data isn’t the plural of anecdote, but I have seen it first hand and the circumstances were not unusual so I could very well see it happening to others.

There are mounts which pull out directly, but not any which also pull down. It would have to be custom designed, which would be expensive. I’d be surprised if you could get it for less than $5k to $7k, but then I’m not familiar with US prices.

If you’ve got a lot of money sitting around, let me know. I know people who can design it.

However, you have it backwards. You want it to pull up and out. Normally, you keep it at a comfort height for watching, and then pull it up and away from the wall to reduce the influence from the heat.

You can do what you want, but it will cost money.

My brother has his 52" mounted above his fireplace on a tilt mount. At first glance it seems a bit high but I’ve watched it plenty of times (~10’ away) on his sofa and it’s not uncomfortable at all. You don’t tilt your head back but rather raise your eyes a bit. And sitting in any type of semi-reclined position the viewing angle is actually improved.