TV mounted high - uncomfortable to watch?

We’re planning to get a flat screen TV set. An appealing place to put it, in terms of room logistics and furniture arrangement, is on the wall just above the fireplace mantle. However, the opposite wall is just 12 feet away, so our heads would be no more than 10 feet from the screen, and the center of the screen would be about two feet above (seated) eye level. Thus our heads would be tilted back somewhat when watching, and I’ve heard that this can get quite tiresome. I’d appreciate any experience or info to confirm or refute that.

We have our TV in pretty much the same position, right above the mantle. The top of the TV is only a few inches from the ceiling, although we do have pretty low ceilings (7’ or whatever was standard in 1983 when our house was built.) The room is about 10’x12’ with the fireplace & TV on the short wall. We have found it quite comfortable since we installed it there; much more comfortable than when we had a CRT TV on a stand, in fact.

First of all, you better be really careful if you plan to use the fireplace. TV’s don’t like fires.

And person opinion, I like my TV as low as possible, and I would never want to have to look upwards at the TV. Especially since I often lay down when watching.

We have our TV mounted at about the same height, and I think you’ll find it’s pretty easy to adjust to. We went from a big screen projection TV (which was too low to the ground in my opinion, to the flat screen mounted at just above STANDING eye level. I’ve found that my head doesn’t actually tilt up an higher, just my line of sight.

Oh, and what ChuckForbin said about heat from the fireplace. Soot can be a problem too.

Mine is about 4 feet high and 8 feet away on top of an entertainment center, which would be at least 2 feet above seated head level. I like it. If you’re sitting reasonably far away from the TV you don’t need to raise your head much.

We have our bedroom TV on top of a tall set of drawers. The top of the drawers is about 5’ high. It is about 11’ from the head of our bed where we watch from. We’ll sit up in bed to watch or watch lying down. We find it very comfortable from both positions. Our heads are in a comfortable position, it’s just our eyes are looking slightly up compared to looking straight ahead.

Do your chairs or sofa have enough room to rest your heads?

My father had his TV mounted above the fireplace mantle, and I found it very uncomfortable to watch. It was like sitting in the front row at the movie theater.

When we were looking at houses, a model home that we toured had the TV in a similar position–it was also uncomfortably high. Our house has the same layout as the model home, so we ended up putting the TV in the corner of the room, despite the fact that the TV is now in front of two windows.

I also worried about the heat from the fireplace-- but we pretty much never use ours. The previous owners converted the fireplace to gas, which is just expensive to run compared to the central heating and doesn’t do much to heat the house. (The house retains heat very well-- nice in the winter, awful in the summer.) It also means that we can’t really burn anything in there. We had two dead trees in the yard that we had to cut down, and we had a nice big pile of wood we could have burned, but ended up giving to our neighbor.


I always try to talk folks out of the above the fireplace mounting. It is really bad ergonomics. The most comfortable viewing position is five degrees below eye level. I usually hang a poster up there and ask them to stare at it while we talk about mounting options. Most admit to discomfort within ten minutes.