Wall mounted TVs

I’m redoing my living room and I’m considering throwing my TV up on the wall. It’s going to serve no real purpose; the stand is currently holding it up just fine. I just think it looks neat. Vanity run amok, or futuristic space home?

I said yes, but only because it gives you more room. Make sure it is at a comfortable height.

Um, neither. Just a contemporary design choice is all. No need to put it on a pedestal (the decision, not the TV).

Remember your going to have an ugly score of wires coming down which can look pretty bad.

A big, wall-mounted TV fulfills the promise of the 1950’s. A TV screen in/on the wall! In color! So wide! How moderne!

Besides, it gets them off the floor, so the maid can sweep better.

Part of my dilemma is that if I do this, I’m punching holes in the walls to run the wires, so I want to make damn sure I’m not going to regret it.

Yes! It doesn’t hurt that I’m going for a mid-century modern look. Need to work on Rosie the Robot, though.

Not if you do the job rigth - even if you don’t put holes in the wall to run/hide them - you can still neaten it up quite a bit using common stuff - it doesn’t have to be ‘ugly scores of wires running down the wall’ .

The hole behind the tv need be no bigger than required to run the 3 or 4 cables down - easily patched. They even make nice little kits to make it ‘neat’ -


which you could then cover later either with drywall patch or just a’blank’.

Main thing to remember is to buy longer cables and (likely) new power cord (check monoprice.com) as most standards are too short.

That should be the least of your worries. Fixing drywall holes is a very minor if you ever choose to go back to the old way of life.

I would caution hanging it above a fireplace which was all the rage some time ago. Either that or get used to watching TV standing up or getting a sore neck. TVs should be mounted to a height relative to your viewing angle, and most fireplace mounts make it the wrong angle.

A year or two ago I wanted to get my TV off my cruddy looking TV stand. I looked around for a nice looking entertainment center that didn’t look like the standard Ikea entertainment center with a big square box in the center and cheap looking bookshelves and a couple of swinging door cabinets on the outside. I ended up having bookshelves installed. I think it turned out pretty nice, but it might not be everybody first choice.

Just an FYI, running normal power cables inside the wall is usually a code violation. Even low voltage cables like HDMI inside the walls can be a code violation too, depending on your area.

I would have voted ‘No’ but not because it makes you pretentious, rather simply because it’s incredibly unergonomic to watch a wall-mounted TV. Wall-mounted TVs are put at standing-eye-level like paintings or pictures. But that’s incredibly stupid. Nobody watches TV standing up. A TV always belongs at sitting-eye-level. But mounting one on the wall at that low height makes the overall ‘look’ of the room seem off. Only commercial locations (bars, hospitals etc.) need wall-mounted TVs.

This X10. I can’t stand it when people go out and spend good money on…well anything, tv/speakers/whatever, then refuse to put any effort into setting them up correctly. The middle of the TV should sit at eye level when you are sitting down. If you are going to wall mount mount it at that height. Do NOT mount it way up high and angle it down.

My husband and I both have neck problems. A TV mounted over a fireplace is unwatchable for us. If it’s just mounted on the wall low enough so it’s the height it would be on a stand, we are fine. So in our house, why bother?

I voted no. However, I don’t think a wall-mounted TV indicates pretensions of any kind. I just find it a very annoying and unsightly trend. A TV over a fireplace in particular looks terrible IMO. Not only do you have to crane your neck to watch the thing, as others have pointed out, but it detracts from the overall appearance of the room. YMMV, obviously. But I think that 20 years from now people will look back and shudder at this trend.

Actually, the TV should be a bit lower than that. Eye level should be at 2/3 to 3/4 of the height of the screen. This is because you have more visual range below your eye level than above it.

I prefer a wall mount, a stand is just something else that needs to be cleaned.

This problem may have been solved by now, but I recall when flat screens first came out that the backs of them emitted a lot of heat. Ours is on a stand. It’s on right now, I just touched the back, and it’s not hot, but the top is. How much danger to the wall would there be?

True. But I didn’t want/need to get dragged into a whole technical discussion/rant of how to set up a home theater as I was very nearly tempted to do.

It looks great, if done correctly, and frees up space on whatever was holding your TV before. And it’s a pretty simple project for a DIYer, so why not?

This is true. You really need to install a proper electrical receptacle near the TV mount so you’re not dropping the power cord through the wall. (You can use a recessed receptacle to save space.)

Dropping low-voltage HDMI or Ethernet cables should generally be OK, but use cover plates so you don’t just have an ugly hole in the wall.

ETA: And I second all the comments about getting the height correct. Make a cardboard template the size of your TV and tape it to the wall where you want it, then make sure the angle is comfortable from where you sit. Adjust as necessary before drilling for the mounting hardware.

I wall mounted a TV for a friend last fall. It’s in his guest room and would mostly be watched from the bed so it’s a little higher than it would be in a living room.

I had wall access from the back so mounted a receptacle kit that also had passage for the HDMI cable.

It’s just a natural progression, especially with the larger and lighter models. There are also quite a few alternatives to putting holes in the wall. Surface mount conduit is fast and easy. There’s also cable art if you have skills or friends with the skills.