Wall mounted TVs

My wall mounted tv is at the proper level and I can swing it out if I’m at my desk or table and want to watch. Plus Miz Nosey Britches the 18# giant cat can’t make me nervous by trying to walk behind the tv anymore.

My tv is mounted (ha! I said mounted!) and it is more of a pain in my ass than the good viewing location is worth. And I’m one of the womens it’s supposed to impress. As for the unsightly wires, I have a plastic thingy that you paint the same color as the wall and hide them in. Still a pain in the ass though.

A friend of mine mounted her tv IN the fireplace. (Which couldn’t be used, for various code reasons.) She got good use of out “fireplace” videos, but it was also a very nice location for viewing from the sofa.

Wall mounted TVs are great. I’ve mounted three so far. One at a good height at my previous house, and two at this house. The primary one at this house is set a little high because of a design error in the building. We had a nook designed into the living room for mounting the TV but it was set too high for unrelated reasons. The bottom of the TV sits at eye height, but I don’t notice it anymore. I used to notice it because I knew it was “wrong” and should be lower, but I have since realised that I don’t actually have a problem with the height. It is a big TV (65") and about 10’ away from the viewing position.

Knocking holes in walls and running wires around the place was fun. In both of the setups I’ve mentioned so far I set up surround speakers so I spent some time in the roof space drilling and futzing around with bits of yellow tongue trying to feed wires through holes.

The trickiest part of all this is getting wires through the noggins (horizontal bits of wood that sit between stud). One big benefit of my recent set up is that the wall the TV is mounted on backs on to the garage so I didn’t have to knock holes in the living room wall, I knocked holes in the garage wall to get through the noggins. That way if my patch jobs were less than stellar it didn’t really matter because they were in the garage.

Another problem to be aware of is you might not have studs in the right spots on your wall. I’m not a huge stickler for correct TV height (as long as it’s not up by the roof ala some hotels/hospitals) but I am a stickler for the TV being centred horizontally and a lack of studs can make this near impossible without being able to see the mounting bracket. The bigger the TV, the easier it is to work around.

The third TV I put up is in our rumpus room for the kids. It is set at a nice viewing height which also allows the cables to enter the wall below the height of the noggin so it’s a straight drop through empty wall down to the hole behind the entertainment unit. No surround sound or anything for this one, so a simple set up.

(Not necessarily a major issue, but…)
One point to consider is whether you may change things later on.
Things mounted on the wall and connected to hidden cables are difficult to move.
Things sitting on stands are easy to move.

What happens if a couple years from now you buy a new TV with a different size screen?
Or you decide to move the TV from the living room to the family room?
Or you want to use the wall for bookshelves, or a shelf to display your trophies?

Then you take the TV down and patch the drywall. It’s a bit of work, but not much more than carrying a bigass TV to another room. If you’ve got the motivation and skills to tackle mounting the thing in the first place, then undoing it is not exactly a huge obstacle.

This. I hate clutter, and love the tv-on-the-wall trend. It’s going to stay up there if I have my way.

I want an eye-level mount on one of those robotic arms.

ETA: I have some large rare movie posters framed and hung, so it would look OK there’d be posters on either side, and a picture above it.

I’d personally say no to wall mounting TVs wherever possible. Our TVs are mounted on their stands quite nicely, and the only thing you have to do is dust them occasionally.

Plus - no holes in the wall!

I went yes but I would need to see your room first. I like the looks of a wall mount but for me its not an option. We have an older home with pocket doors, windows, fireplace, little alcoves --------- and almost no flat clear walls. And we use the stereo more than we do the TV. So the TV, for me, has to fit the furniture built for the sound equipment rather than jam it over a door on a wall mount. Try to use the latest tech in the latest manner in an old home and the result can look silly.

Same here. We don’t have large TVs, primarily due to the fact we can’t wall mount them and that look would not be right in an old victorian home. Instead, we “hide” our TV inside a large armoire.

In a different style home, we might consider it but I concur with others here the problem there is people tend to mount them above fireplace mantels, etc., which does place them too high on the wall. My in-laws have a TV above a fireplace mantel and the fireplace itself is already elevated above the floor level. It puts the bottom of the TV nearly level with my face when standing. Watching the TV is really uncomfortable from a seated position.

The current TV cabinet is 21 inches tall, with the sound bar and the stand the bottom of the viewing area sits at 27 inches off the ground. I’d probably raise it up to about 34", but I like friedo’s suggestion of taping up a template before I start knocking holes in things. It’ll be well below eye level when standing, but probably slightly higher than eye level when sitting on the new couch.

The walls are lathe and plaster, but we’ve lived here 6 years and the TV hasn’t moved, and if it were going to move it would be during this remodel and it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen.

The fireplace is on a different wall, we actually have a shelf built off of the mantle that would be a perfect place to dump all of the AV equipment except it’d be way to high; I too loathe TVs above fireplaces.

Before you go punching holes in your wall you might consider getting a wall mounted channel setup like this Cord cover kit
I’ve mounted 3 TVs in my house and used these. Since my Cable box, DVD player, and sound system are still in a cabinet below the TV these channel guides pretty much hide all of the cables between the TV and the cabinet. The covers of these things can be painted to match your wall or just left white.
You will probably need to invest in longer hdmi and audio cables but you would have to do that anyway if you punched holes in your walls.
The one I linked to is the model I used but you can find many other brands/styles/colors with a little digging.

Similar products are available at the big box hardware stores. Various widths and depths to match your needs. Plastic or metal as well. I used one for my bedroom wall mount TV and it’s fine.

The OP is a pretentious twat. I only say that because he set himself up for it, I like calling people pretentious twats. But no, I would not wall-mount a TV unless perhaps it was in a bedroom where you might watch it from a reclining position. I really hate the over-the-fireplace mount. It’s too high, looks stupid, and may be exposed to soot and heat, which is never a plus for electronics.

I’m not going to pretend to understand the motivation for your post, but as you know well, personal insults aren’t allowed in this forum. Warning issued.

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This is nonsense. The OP put this in his poll. I was only making a joke that went along with him asking if he was a pretentious twat. It’s not that big a leap, if you bothered to look at the poll.

I’d actually reversed the warning before you posted this. Yes, I missed the poll, and appreciated you pointing it out in your PM.

Thanks. I was actually shocked by the warning and likely overreacted, which happens more and more often as I advance into aged decrepitude.

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