Wall mounted TVs

Note that running power thru a wall has to be done properly. You just don’t punch a couple holes and drop a cord thru it. That violates code … and it’s in the code because it’s a safety hazard.

HDMI cables and such are okay this way, which is what the simple access covers as given above are legal to sell.

There are systems that take care of the power feed properly. Make sure they include a channel cover. The ones without them, some sold by big name companies :confused:, are a no-no.

Even better is a proper Romex run. In any case, remember to enclose the openings in an electrical box.

I mounted my TV last year and love the effect. In my situation, below the TV I have a short gap of white drywall and then a dark brown wainscoting. For the first part, I got a simple white tube, sliced one side, and put the wires thru that for the top part. The black wires are barely visible against the wainscoting.

If you have another color, paint the tube.

You may have reversed the warning but our legal team is still pondering whether a cease and desist letter is in order.

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IMO, unless you’re desperate for floor space, why bother? If it’s your primary TV, you probably have other components, a cable/satellite receiver, DVD/BluRay player, Game consoles, sound system, etc. Where are you going to put those? What if you decide you want to reorganize the room or buy new furniture and that placement isn’t ideal anymore? What if you have a group of people over and want to slightly adjust the angle to accommodate where the extra people are sitting and away from your typical viewing spot? And even if you are desperate for floor space, with how thin TVs are these days, your stand doesn’t need to be that deep, and what would you put in that space instead?

I will say it looks neat, and if I had a specific TV room, where I’d always be viewing from the same angle, as would anyone else in there, then it would make sense, and if I was doing that, I’d probably want to go the step farther and maybe even have shelving built into the wall for the components and all that. I had a friend who had done this, such that everything was flush with the wall, but he just went into the unfinished storage area behind it to manage any wires or whatnot. I kind of liked that solution, but he’d done all the work himself, and that would seem to be a fairly expensive option for most people compared to just buying a stand.

I have the 50" TV in my Kansas City apartment mounted on the wall - 3’ above the floor. I went round and round with my brother who thought everybody else was right and it should have been mounted much higher, but I pointed out that I was the person who was going to be watching it. It’s at a perfect height, and as my apartment is very small, I really do need the floor space. I have a surround system and mounted the center speaker right below the screen.

So back to my earlier question. Are there any problems with heat from the TV affecting the wall? Or has that largely been taken care of? I said I’d not felt any heat coming from the back of our set, but it did feel hot – well, warmish – on top. But our set is six years old now, and newer models may be better in that regard.

I mounted our bedroom TV on a wall mount that had an arm so I could pull it away and also tip it to a better viewing angle, so heat wasn’t a problem and the TV could be pushed almost to the wall when not in use.

I didn’t even think of an arm. That’s a good idea.

Here’s the “after” picture, in case anyone was on the edge of their seat to find out what I decided. The bottom of the TV is 29.5 inches from the ground. I think it looks fantastic, not bad for an hour of work.

Nice job!

I like it. Good job!

Looks good to me too.

This is our main one, the 65". As you can see, it is right at the bottom of the nook and should be even lower. If we could do it over we wouldn’t have a nook at all.

And this is the other one, a 40" TV with no sound system and nestled amongst Ikea shelving. This one is at a better height. (Warning: freaky cat.)