Optimum internet, no cable, I am now paying $96 a month

My question is, is if there is any way to get internet at home without a hard wired connection?

I cancelled cable last year, but at my apartment Optimum is the only thing available. If you have internet only you are required to get phone service for $20 a month plus taxes. For the first year I was paying $82, now it has gone up.

Maybe if I call and complain they will go back to $82 for 200 mbps, but that is still too much. Spectrum has it for $49, plus fees and taxes I am sure. But not available here.

Sure, you can get a Cellular hotspot from your friendly telephone provider.
If you have 4G or better, they are actually pretty good.
Or, Satellite, which pretty much sucks.

I have Cricket, $50 a month for unlimited data. Don’t know if they have a hotspot option. But if not, I am not married to them.

Satellite is fine for some purposes but sucks for others. The biggest issue is the lag, which makes most online games completely unplayable. But lag doesn’t matter at all for, say, streaming movies.

And “unlimited data” on a phone plan may or may not mean what you think. A lot of phone plans don’t cut off your data or charge you more when you reach a limit, so in that sense they’re unlimited, but the do start throttling you at some point, so your high-speed connection becomes a low-speed connection.

You could also complain like hell to your apartment managers.

I realized you said “no hard wired connection”, but a “dry loop ADSL” is still a theoretical possibility–if your building is still wired up for a landline telephone connection. A “dry loop” is simply the ADSL connection without the accompanying telephone service, and it’s a different setup than cable connectivity.

I’m currently using a dry loop ADSL myself. Your overall connection quality will be decided by what state (and how long) the telephone wiring is in your building, but I’m still good for 50 Mb/sec and this place is a bit old.

Not knowing where you are (and not willing to pry), I can’t tell you more. But a quick search on the Internet ought to give you some indicator, and a quick call or e-mail should give you more information.