Optimus Prime to fight in Iraqi War!


Guy changed his name to Optimus Prime, and now he’s shipping out to the gulf!
Autobots, roll out! One shall stand, one shall fall!

“Prime says the toy actually filled a void in his life when it came out.”

And in and out and in…

Click on the link in the OP. The resemblence in the side by side photos is eerie.


Thats hysterical.

I don’t see any photos though.

OMFG, that’s just too funny. Classic, even.



I refreshed and it worked.

Kinda wish it hadn’t.

Too funny. Really. Man …

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

Well, Saddam Hussein does look kinda like Megatron…

We’re going to be juuuust fine. There’s no one I’d rather have on our side!

Hey Buck, so any second now, Saddam is gonna say “Iraqis! Retreat!” and fly off into the distance? :stuck_out_tongue:

He’ll transform into a gun and go “This is why we could never disarm!”

Sadaam’s attempts to flee the country will be foiled when his son pushes him and the Republican Guard out of their escape bus, citing “weight restrictions”.

I can picture us almost losing the war in Iraq until Bush parachutes into the middle of Baghdad surrounded by Republican guards. They’ve got Powell held hostage and all of Bush’s allies have been incapacitated. As the shadows gather and all looks bleak, all of a sudden Stan Bush’s “The Touch” strikes up in the background and GWB pulls something out of his coat pocket that emits a blinding light and liberates Iraq. Then the dinobots show up for comic relief.

Thanks dude, I just found a GI Joe I thought I had lost years ago…and a three pound ham.

In a related development, Saddam Hussein shall now be referred to as “Cobra Commander.”

Bah weep grah nah weep ninni bom!

It’s even better that a general in the freaking Pentagon knows exactly who Optimus Prime is. I guess they aren’t all 50-year-old badasses (or they at least had kids in the 80s).

'Til all are one!

Just to be a pain in the ass:

Our Optimus Prime is here. Just where the hell is their Megatron?

Keeper of the Constructabots and Insectabots. Jeez, I’m a geek.

You can tell he’s not a true Transformers geek, else he would have gone for the more subtle name, “Orion Pax”… :wink:

If only Lore had known about this a few weeks ago.