Options for Dropping Everything to Study the Bible (Catholicism) - Without $ - Anywhere in the World

I’d like to know what options a registered member of the Catholic Church has in terms of studying the Bible & Catholicism. In my particular situation, I would not have funds to contribute for the courses, but I do have a bachelors degree. What does the church offer? Would there need to be a commitment to join a Holy Order? This question can span the USA, Latin America, Europe, etc.

This is possible, although you’d likely have to contribute to your keep in some way. Talk to your local parish priest and see if there’s a monastic community you might contribute to. Additionally, there might be an option for hermetic study, although you have may need to have taken Holy Vows. While obviously monastic communities often do want people committed to joining, there’s s a good period of experience and fellowship before one may even commit-to-probably-joining-after-couple-years-of training. And since some monasteries run small businesses, it may be possible for you to work (generally, they don’t take money from candidates).

But fair warning: monasteries typically live under a fair amount of discipline, and that means rising pretty early. But daily religious study and instruction is fairly universal.

At a far less extreme level, most parishes will have bible study clubs. A bunch of laypeople meet once or twice a week in someone’s home or a room at the church for an hour or a two at a time, and read and discuss bible passages. These are free and require no more commitment than the time needed to attend them.


I’ve seen a protestant academy that gives scholarships and then study and room&board and maybe medical expenses are covered, I imagine that the Catholic Church engages in this type of practice, but wanted to know more specifically if anyone knew if they went one step further, by making it a rule that scholarships are always offered to most people. Heard anything on this topic?

You mention contribute to one’s keep, indicating that that could be done with a monastic community? Are you speaking about living/contributing/working at a monastic community for the living quarters, food, medicine, etc, while walking down the street to also study at the academic institution (sponsored by the Church because of a Monastic recommendation?)


My post is more about the deeper levels, but thanks for suggesting this. I just realized there could be more action in this regard in the area I live currently.

Since the OP is looking for advice, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Thanks for assisting the site… I was primarily looking for facts on established possible routes one can take (although advice is sometimes valuable). I’m not sure if that discussion has been exhausted and it’s become mainly an advice exchange at this point, but at the end of the day, it may not matter much if it’s been moved…

Yeah, that’s it. We’re all talked out on the subject of how to study Catholicism on a deeper level.

You can still have the factual discussion in this forum (IMHO), but now the advice and anecdotes won’t be out of place.

I am a trainee minister for the Church of Scotland (Ordained Local Ministry). They are footing the bills for my study.

We had a reformation, so my studies don’t cover much Catholicism, but there’s a lot of Bible study as part of my degree.

My studies are being paid for because I will be ordained as a minister in the not too distant future.

I have been tempted to do an “Ask me anything” thread. If that’s something people want, I will do it, or I can give you general information on my situation here.