Oral Pleasure and STDs.

Settle a bet for me: Are there any STDs that can be transmitted to a male while he is the recipient of…er…Oral Gratification? I have a freind who thinks he’s scott free getting strange woman to…umm…kiss him.

Herpes is the one which springs immediately to mind. I’ve also come across cases of gonorrhea and syphilis in which oral sex appears to be the only risk factor. Ditto Hepatitis B.

Some health authorities seem to regard oral sex as being a risk factor for chlamydia, while others don’t list it as a means of transmission.

In short, your friend probably needs to spend some time at and STD clinic getting acquainted with the facts.

I forgot to add Human Papilloma Virus and Cytomegalovirus to the list.

Your friend can find information about all of these at the Centres for Diesase Control’s Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases information page.

Can’t remember which/who was involved on either end, but let me give you one (actually two) words to remember:

Saran Wrap.