Orange opening

Can you start and peel an orange with your naked hands, or do you need a tool?

Pullet: orange opening machine

I have no problem doing it but then again, I have a healthy set of fingernails.

Depends on the orange, but usually my talons are up to it.

I have wimpy thin fingernails which would bend backwards should I try. I need a knife to get it started.

Aren’t oranges awesome right now? As sweet as candy and cheap as hell. I bought a batch of fat navels this morning for 33 cents a pound.

My teeth work pretty well to start it. While they’re not my hands, I don’t consider them tools.

I keep my nails trimmed down to the quick, but can still stick my thumb through the top to get it started.

“Pullet” is a great name for an orange opening machine.

I not only can peel an orange with my bare hands, most of the time, I can get the peel off in one piece.
I don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, though, contrary to popular belief.

I can do it with my fingers, but I love using my orange opener. A couple of quick zips around and flip flip the peel off. I don’t like getting the pith under my nails.

I can do it with fingernails, but I prefer to use a tool, since I always get pulp stuck under my nails.

teela, 33 cents a pound? That’s the kind of price I’d expect for potatoes.

What I do is make two small cuts, perpendicular to each other, in the stem end of the orange. After that, my fingers do the rest.

There is a tool for opening oranges??

Must be one of those darned unitaskers that I don’t have room for in the kitchen.

Stick a thumbnail into the end, circle around to get it started, and then rip the peel off no problem.

Alternatively, use a knife to dice the orange and then peel the peel off the diced bits.

Depends on what mood I’m in and where I am.

I have peeled oranges barehanded since childhood, and I thought everyone did it that way.

I was surprised to see how my Brazilian wife skins hers: she slices off all of the orange part with a knife (tangential cuts) and then cuts it in half and eats our of the now thinned halves. I can’t see why she doesn’t just quarter the orange from the start.

These days I follow a technique like that of panache45: I use my pocket knife to make two shallow great-circle cuts that intersect at the poles. I then start at the stem end to peel it.

I found that peeling from the stem end means that less rind sticks to the fruit :).

Orange peeler - this is a cheapie version. Mine is curved a little on the flat end. They can also unpeel grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, limes…:smiley:

I can peel it with my hands but I prefer to use a spoon. Spoons are perfect for peeling oranges.

Wow! I had no idea you were supposed to use the flat end too! I’ve learned something new!

Yeppers, a local market is doing this as a loss leader. I buy ten pounds at a time and we eat 'em up embarrassingly fast. They’re one of my very favorite fruits.

I love how they come in a 4 pack…when would you ever need more than one of those things?
I spiral cut mine with a knife and then peel them so that the peel stays in one piece.

Wait a second…you’re supposed to peel them before you eat them?