Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

Or the ones in between books, which often lasted several months.

22 strips last year; 9 so far this year.

Longest gaps between comics:

  1. 110 days, 863 → 864, (during book 5)
  2. 63 days, 1189 → 1190, (break between books 6 & 7)
  3. 42 days, 1269 → 1270 (during book 7)
  4. 41 days, 946 → 947, (break between books 5 & 6)
  5. 36+ days, 1303 → 1304, (current)

Maybe he heard you

Getting under the skin: 1304

Gotta love it when Talky Man fights.

Roy does know how to get to the heart of the problem.

Well, that was worth the wait.

That last line felt more like Minrah than Roy.

I love how effortlessly “PWOK” has been integrated into his fighting style.

yerwot, mate?

That’s the sound shown for his sword appearing back in his hand.

Dragons is soooo stupid.

Better a duke in Hell than a peon in Heaven or an underling to a halfling.

Only Roy would explain the theological implications of killing an opponent while in the act of killing an opponent.