Order of the Stick - Book 5 Discussion Thread

I’ve been counting the days waiting for the Order of the Stick to return, and SQUEEEEE! It’s almost here! I recall from the last thread a suggestion that we start a new thread when the new story arc comes along.

So, I’m getting the ball rolling. Any bets on where the story will be picking up? I’m going to guess an encounter with the Linear Guild when the Order makes landfall at Sandsedge.

My 11-year-old daughter got addicted to Order of the Stick a few weeks ago and is bouncing off the walls waiting for the new book to begin. We just got the board game yesterday and she’s anxious to play it, but I’ve been busy studying up on MySQL and Java all weekend.

I can’t wait. I’m guessing there’ll be a Linear Guild encounter soon too; they didn’t show up at all in the last book, did they?

Only as sort of a foreshadowing.

I was so hoping it’d be up at midnight. Guess I should just go to bed.

Hey, it’s the 31st! I have nothing to add to an actual pre-strip discussion, but I wanted to chime in on the squees. Squee!

Is the new strip up yet? How about now? Now?


Nope…and not yet, either.

Nope, still nothing.

Dude, wait till tomorrow.

It is tomorrow.



Haley has been officially upgraded from Awesome to Stratospherically Awesome.

Why, oh why didn’t I check this from home before I left for work? The site is blocked from school access because the url has “tit” in it! :smack:

Now I have to wait until I get home for my fix.

Some very nice teamwork on Haley’s part. Other than that, kind of a slow start. But what with the fact that we’ve had several weeks to anticipate it, I guess anything would have seemed like one.

It is ON!

Remember, all of the his arcs start slowly. Patience.


As frustrating as it is to wait for the comics, Burlew is really good at pacing. I’m sure things will pick up before too long.

Man, I hope that beige doesn’t become the new blue. The Azure City backgrounds were bad enough, but at least you can do things with blue. It’s going to be annoying to see a full book of desert scenes.

Woo hoo! It’s back!

Luvs it!


I love how all the major characters in the series have had a chance to shine, multiple times.

I hope we get to see what happens in Azure City; will Operation Peregrine actually accomplish anything?

I suspect that liberation will succeed by virtue of coming out into the open immediately following the departure of Xykon and Left-Eye.

I personally like this character in the 2nd panel, towards the left, who appears to be wearing Luke Skywalker’s outfit from the 1977 “Star Wars” movie :smiley:

I’m assuming that the apparently miles-long queue lined up to get into Sandsedge in the first panel is an in-joke or something… but damn if I can get the reference.