Order of the Stick - Book 5 Discussion Thread

I don’t think it is a line of people waiting to go in; more of a “two-way” road for the caravans that go out into the desert for their trek to other cities, and those that are arriving to Sandsedge after their crossing. Lots of people coming and going.

After all, our heroes have arrived there (if I am not wrong) by sea… There might be a seaport of some description at the other edge of the city, not shown in the 1st panel.

He does like to start soft, doesn’t he?

As a storyteller, though, it does allow him to set the stage for this next cycle. We’ve done woodland, mountain, and city. This presents us a new terrain type and possibly new, and unfamiliar monsters for our heroes to overcome.

And dungeon.

And [del]Heaven[/del]Celestia, of course.

And ocean and island.

I have nothing to add to this discussion; I’m just pinging the thread because it was a convenient way to know when the new strip was up.

Yes, more convenient than an RSS feed.

A nice opening salvo! The desert appearance could get a bit samey but I’m not too worried about that; I didn’t even mind the blue of Azure City. I got a kick out of Elan’s disappointment at having been beaten to the string prize.

Of course, as a Vaarsuvius fan, I’m very glad to see that Blackwing is on V’s shoulder. Nice subtle characterization touch there by Rich (so subtle it’s easy to miss, in fact).

(BTW, I’m actually sad to see the other thread go. It was through its beginning that I was introduced to OotS, so curious was I by the Vaarsuvius/Ancient Black Dragon strip that was discussed there. I also love that it grew to become the second biggest thread in CS of all time – even beating the famous “If ___ wrote LOTR” thread!)

Sorry for the double post but I’m rather astonished there’s been a new strip (#674: The Elf Who Cried Raven) for a couple of hours and no one’s noted it yet!

Is Blackwing able to cast amnesia spells or something? It seems odd that the Order can’t remember him at all, especially Haley! Poor V, as if being ignored while paralyzed (and having one’s cloak used to cover Roy’s nekkidness) wasn’t bad enough. Heh. Well, as BW says, serves him/her right for forgetting a familiar for so long.

Four “laugh out loud” moments in one strip – nicely done, Rich!

Woah, he’s fast!

And the longest thread that really belongs here-- The Diablo II thread really should be in the Game Room, except that it lived and died before that forum existed. The LotR thread is probably still the longest in absolute length, though (word count or bytes or whatever), since it tended to have long posts in it.

CrazyChop, coming off of a hiatus like this, he probably has a reserve of strips built up right now. So we’ll probably see a semi-regular MWF schedule for the next couple of weeks.

I’m still thrilled to get another strip in such quick succession. I had figured he’d revert to a twice-weekly update system, (Monday-Thursday, I think, was one attempted OoTS schedule) so I was pleased to see a fresh comic this morning.

I foresee a Share Spell: Ray of Enfeeblement and a halfling cutely wriggling on the ground pinned by the weight of his light armor, followed by “Does anyone else wish to advance the hypothesis that Blackwing is not in fact my familiar?” in the near future.

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I really, really liked Elan’s familiar…


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