Order of the Stick General Discussion Thread (Open Spoilers and Speculation)

Ok, I’m now convinced that Burlew has indeed planned out the whole story arc.

Today’s comic, number 628 brings in a character obliquely referenced once 440 comics earlier.and again in strip #572. Could this be what causes V to crack?

Also, V has kids?

Well, we know he’s married, so she may have kids. Or it may be hinting at something else - maybe V sees Haley and the rest of the party as his chilren? After all, as an elf, she must be significantly older than them.

I suspect the imp will lend a hand to get out of this leaving the dragon alive for a dramatic encounter a few hundred strips from now. Either way Vaarsuvius is definitely on the express elevator to chaotic neutral… er… madness.

I disagree. I think this encounter will shock V onto the patch to redemption - making him realize that she needs other people, that he can’t do everything alone.

The strip has gotten seriously dark lately. V has some major demons to exorcise. Literally and figuratively.

It was about time for some character development on V. And getting his/her ass kicked by an ancient black dragon is a welcome injection of bad-assedness into the strip.

Since I haven’t been involved in D&D for ages upon ages (like, over 20 years), can somebody tell me what’s up with V’s trance-deprivation thing?

Even so i kinda liked the fact that even an ancient black dragon had to wait for him to waste his high level spells before messing with him.

At some point they decided that elves don’t sleep. On the other hand mages and priests still needed “eight hours of sleep” to recover spells. The solution was that they “trance”.

No, I don’t think D&D makes any sense either.

Attention to detail is cool. Notice the acid spittle flying out of the dragon’s mouth in panel 7 is actually on the ground smoking in panel 8. And there are still burn marks from it in the last 3 panels.

See here.

Huh. I read that when it came out. I suppose I just didn’t get it. Basically, V is wracked by guilt, then?

I wonder if we’ll finally hear the “four words” referenced here?

Probably not - saying the four words will grant V complete and ultimate arcane power, and I don’t see that happening until the very end of the series, something that isn’t happening soon. The current, 4th arc (starting here) will almost certainly end with the party reuniting.

Remember, the Oracle talks in circles (except that one time… in which Roy prohibited from giving the non-circles answer >.<). Knowing OOTS it’s entirely plausible (though not entirely likely, Rich doesn’t cop out as much as a lot of authors) V will attain complete cosmic power… and then somehow burn it in one fell swoop, probably on some Deus ex Machina the resolves the better part of whatever arc it happens in. Maybe it’ll cause a spellplague and catapult the universe into 4th Ed OOTS?

Hasn’t Burlew specifically said he’s not converting OOTS to 4th Ed?

IIRC yes; he won’t add any 4th ed revisions “unless it’s funny”.

#628 - #629

you know, i can’t remember the last time where i actually appreciated the Villian Monologue. as much as i pity V, it really got me considering how much pain the black dragon is going through. i sincerely hope that the resolution is not some deus ex machina.


Uh, wow, yeah. I hate to say it, but I’m kind of rooting for the dragon too.

You know, I love OOTS, but whoever’s hosting Giant In The Playground sucks. That server consistently times out on me. I’m talking about every single time I click a link that leads to an OOTS strip or the main OOTS page, I’m stuck waiting and then timing out. I can usually get in on a refresh, but not always.