Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

Of course, from Durkon’s perspective, there’s no real downside to dying. So long as he can get Thor’s message to The Dark One, he will have succeeded.

I think Durkon needs to bring out his most effective argument; that the Dark One is vulnerable to the end of the universe. Redcloak may not care about a threat to any outsider but I do think he would be moved by a threat to his god.

As for Xykon, he represents a vulnerability for Redcloak. Redcloak needs him. But Redcloak must also be aware that his enemies can end his plan simply by talking to Xykon. Redcloak has to keep Xykon isolated from any outside contacts that he doesn’t control.

And while it’s never been explicitly mentioned, I feel Xykon has another hold on Redcloak. I feel he has cast a spell on Redcloak that makes it impossible for him to lie to Xykon. If you go back to when Redcloak killed Tsukiko, notice how he reports this to Xykon afterwards (832 and 833). It would have obviously been easier for him to make up a story but he very carefully says nothing that isn’t technically true. His misdirects Xykon but he never lies to him.

Is there magic in 3.5 that can detect falsehoods, and that RC couldn’t ward himself against? I would have thought that Xykon would have a sky high Sense Motive, from how he’s been written, but that skill keys off Wisdom, and Sorcerers don’t get a bump to it. Does Xykon strike anyone as especially Wise, anyway? Great insights into ‘human nature’ and manipulation, but that’s not the same thing.

OTOH, his Diplomacy skill is probably nearly as Epic as he is.

Serious question. Does anyone else try to remember exactly when they started reading the OOTS epic, and realize they no longer have any real memory? I can search back and find my first post in an OOTS thread here , which gives an upper bound. And I know I was not reading in the very beginning. But I have read through the whole comic several times, but honestly have no damn idea where the story was when I first stumbled across it, which is kinda freaky.

I don’t remember the exact number, but I’m pretty sure it was within a couple strips of Familicide. (To be fair, that’s a pretty memorable thing to start on).

Interesting note, while I am not having much success finding my earliest post here, The earliest thread I can find is 2009

ETA Aha I have cracked the Matrix, post 810 in teh above was my first reference here, that is now the upper bound :slight_smile:

I first started reading when the strip was somewhere around number 700. I think they were out in the desert at the time. I can’t go by my first post about it here, because I didn’t discover threads about it here until quite a bit later. My first post on the other forum would put an upper limit on it, but that would be a lot of work to research for little gain.

I can’t remember but it was probably halfway through the first dungeon - certainly before they first met the Linear Guild. Ages ago.

For me it was the strip with Elan and Therkla on the island withe the Lost parody. I think it was linked in another thread on this board, probably one of the Lost discussion threads.

I want to say, right before the very end of Don’t Split The Party. Darth V had gotten thumped already by that point. (Jeez, I can already imagine the arguments about whether Xykon could do that By The Rules or not, and how powerful did Familicide have to be, and so on.)

I started reading here, heard about this funny comic strip, and got hooked. I remember being jarred by the brown palette with the start of Blood Runs In The Family. “Desert?! How’d they get there?”


You must be right about it being linked to something else on this board, because that’s exactly where I came in, too.

Totally agree, but I would not mind a spinoff book afterwards dealing with Tarquin, either his life before the OOTS met him, or how the OOTS come back and clean his clock.

I started back when Miko was taking the party into custody. I’m pretty sure I got the link from other Dopers, too, except that I think the link I followed was from some sort of legal thread.

I started OOTS after being amused by its many links in TV Tropes (e.g. Color-Coded For Your Convenience). My reading procedure was to start from the main page, click the latest OOTS comic link, and then click the archive icon. I remember at least two of the comics I tried not to look at were 635 (V’s transformation) and 636 (Suvie and Kyrie’s cottage smashed open by the Ancient Black Dragon). I’m not sure if I caught up before 637, though.

I think I started around the time they headed into the desert or maybe the tail end of Azure City/Boat Ride. But there was enough of a gap between strips to catch up pretty quickly anyway.



I do wonder where this is going, though.

Lets make that a bit more noticeable

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Hate to puncture your ego trip, Reddy, but it’s TDO and the Snarl that are striking fear into the hearts of the gods. You’re a glorified errand boy.

Redcloak says the gods are afraid of his plans coming to fruition. Which is true. He never claimed that the gods are afraid of Redcloak.