Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

This thread is for discussion of Rich Burlew’s comic strip The Order of the Stick.

Book 7, the final book, is due to start today. The previous book took about 6 years. This book promises to be even longer.

Read it from the start, beginning here.

This Linkshould take you to the latest update.

Strips are published on an irregular schedule. Someone always announces within moments any time a new strip arrives.

Yes!, I had forgotten the date.

And as soon as I post, the strip goes up.

1190 Getting Started

“Getting Started Getting To The End”, to give it its full and appropriate title.

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Wow. I was thinking it was further away for new strips, so a nice surprise for me!

When I saw the first panel of this strip, I thought it was going to start with the Snarl. I suspect that was Burlew’s intention, so good fake out.

And as usual, Elan is good getting us up to speed.

Only three miles away. It’s time to start another game of “This has been a very long day. How many spells do they have left?” Cross off two Invisibility’s, unless they picked up potions or scrolls or such somewhere.

Likewise. And I’m sure it was deliberate.

Are you sure it’s not foreshadowing instead of a misdirect?

Lots of things like playing with such. Hell, what’s Stick-world if not a ball of yarn played with by the Gods?

Weird that the teleportation orb was kept in Belkar’s cabin.

I assume they’re sharing a cabin or switched cabins. The explosion was from a scroll V had just scribed and left on the desk.

V will only room with Miss Starshine.

Presumably Miss Starshine is rooming with Elan now, and V 2.0 is less up him/herself.

Plus, that was more a refusal to room with Miko.

Also, limited space on the flying boat. Separate rooms not available.

But V rooming with Belkar?? Ain’t seeing it. It’d destroy the “V’s Schrödinger’s Gender” joke at the very least. I guess V switched cabins as she couldn’t properly handle the bat guano fireball regent in that burned out room. Or something.

Or one Invisibility Sphere.

For that matter, sleeping in shifts – V tranced and then, while Belkar took the room, went off with Haley. As you mention, it’s doubtful the ship has ample extra sleeping quarters and there’s been several scenes with someone below deck while stuff is going on above with other characters.

Nope, nope sorry. Can’t rationalize this away. V and Belkar are clearly lovers now. (where’s the barfy emoji when you need it?)

Dang it. I was looking at the link to the GitP link just yesterday and thought, “Naw. The startup’s not until March.” I swear I’ll get a new strip first post yet.

I think anyone or thing would have refused to room with Miko regardless of his, her, or its preferences. I’d bet she had her own cell at the Paladin Academy rather than a bed in the dorm like everyone else.